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Day 2: Follow Your Heart To Pursue Your Dreams September 21, 2009

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Hey All!

Today is Day 2 in my 365 days of Following Your Dreams blog! An Amazing Series of events have happened to me.

As I have stated one of my passions is video production. I love the idea of entertaining people through videos. There’s something about creating a commercial that will catch people’s eyes or shooting an interview promoting a new film or TV show. I love being able to hold a camera and just record. It’s actually a lot of fun. I have a creative mind so it works.

Today, while I was at the outlets filling out applications for a part time job a thought occurred to me. Why not go over to Downtown Disney and try to apply at some of the restaurants there because they are not staffed through Disney. So I walked over and got the same response from most of the restaurants, “we’re not hiring right now.” I am beginning to resent that phrase. I decided to walk around and just enjoy the beginning of the afternoon before it got too hot. I was walking past Ghirardelli Chocolate when I was stopped. Then I noticed that I was stopped because there was filming going on. So I asked the man who had stopped me if this was something that occurred through Disney. He replied yes and he gave me the name of the production company and the name of the man in charge of the broadcast production area of Disney. I was Thrilled! I walked around for a little and then ran to my car, drove home (Happily singing Shania Twain’s UP) and emailed this man right away.

The response: They are always interested in part time cast members who have production knowledge. This made me extremely excited and I am off to send my resume to their Resource Manager.

Lesson: When you are feeling compelled about something, follow that feeling. It will most likely lead you to something that may change your course forever!



365 Days of Chasing Dreams: Day 1

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Hello All and Welcome!

My name is Lauren and I graduated from Penn State University in May 2009. After earning my degree in Telecommunications (focus in Broadcast/Video production) and a fascinating minor in Theatre, I have begun the search for a “real life” career. After an entire summer of applying to small production companies who weren’t even looking for new hires, sending resumes to television stations that were laying off, and working long days at a local diner, I have decided to take things into my own hands and move to sunny Orlando, Florida.

WHY The Move? Yes, it is true that I didn’t have to pay nearly as much as I am paying now in rent while living with my parents and I had all the comforts of people I love and a nice home, but I didn’t have a job. I also wasn’t finding a bite, or rather a bite that I knew would make me happy. I would rather be happy starting out in my career life, then miserable. I moved to Orlando because of Walt Disney World. I had completed their College Program during the Fall of 2008 and was welcomed back as a seasonal employee this past summer. More importantly, I knew I would absolutely LOVE my job. It meant making sacrifices and they weren’t easy ones to make. I miss home very very much. Fall and Winter don’t exist here in Florida.

THE JOB: Why not start at entry level and work your way up? Well, I thought about that. I applied for some entry level jobs filing tapes at TV studios and got no reply. Now wait a minute, I was a great student who ended up with a 3.40 GPA (pretty good), I interned with WPSU Sports and the Big Ten Network and a small video production company, not to mention was an employee of the Walt Disney World Company. Why wasn’t I getting any interviews? Why was my field so hard to break into? And as a girl, too. How many women cameramen do you see? Exactly. Anyways, since I had done the College Program before, I knew I would love working for Disney again.

WHY Do i Love It? Because it’s fun. I get to wear silly looking costumes and make people’s day brighter. I get to play a role in something bigger than I am. I have the power to make magic happen and watch dreams come true. I have the best job in the world. Sure it pays next to nothing and I’m living alone in a place I cannot afford. Sure I am having to dig a little into my savings and eat less lavish food. Sure it’s HARD, but no one ever said it was going to be easy.

I decided to make this blog because not enough people follow their dreams. Too many of us settle for what is “ok” for us. We stop chasing when we are comfortable. Most people don’t like to face trying times. We are comfortable working in tiny cubicles at a job we hate because it allows us to have money. The world is all about money. I know this because the company I am working for has decided that money is more important than Magic. What this company doesn’t understand is that The Company itself was BUILT on Magic and Dreams. Companies lose sight of their goals too, because most companies lessen their product because it gives them more money.

My question to you is WHY? Why do we settle for less?

I’m not going to be able to make it more than a year working for dirt with no benefits. So we’ll give this a shot. I challenge you to follow me as I embark on a journey to follow my dreams. What are my dreams you may ask? I’m not entirely sure that I know. However, I do know that I like to entertain people. I love making people smile, I like to sing and dance and be crazy. I like watching people’s dreams come true and hope that my dreams come true as well. I know that I love Disney and would love to work for them in any way that I can. Which is why I am starting small. I also dream that I meet Prince Charming and have a family, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. My Dream is to be Successful doing what I love to do.

I hope along the way I can inspire you to somehow follow your dreams as well.Mickey and I


Won’t You Promise Me, that you’ll never forget October 26, 2008

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HSM 3 Movie Poster

HSM 3 Movie Poster


THis is going to be my movie review of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

I saw it with my roommate here and we expected it to be sold out, but it wasn’t. However, all the good seats were taken, but we found 2 decent ones.

The plot: Pretty good. Typical, high school ends-time to move on-what do we do-should we break up-oh no we’re sad- movie. But it was good. I would have liked to see the relationship between Ryan and Kelsey develop more and a Prom scene would have been nice, but alas, we only get a tidbit.

The music: Pretty amazing. Good songs. Great beats. It’s fun!

There were parts of the movie where I forgot that I was watching a movie and thought I was watching an actual stage show. I wanted to clap at the end of some of the numbers. Also, the way they did the song “A Night to Remember” was really cool. I was very impressed!

All in all, for the original cast, I’d say this was a great way to end their run together. I can’t wait til it comes out on DVD…..because I’m not spending another $10 to see it again.

If you liked the first 2 movies….go see this one. It’s worth it.


Wowzers October 12, 2008

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Wow! Sorry I have neglected this blog. I have been super busy. I apologize. I haven’t even had time to keep up with my boys…who are so graciously taking a break from touring and keeping themselves out of the news! They are working on their new TV show and their 3D movie! They are also doing a bit of touring around Europe to promote the new CD. THey have announced a World Tour so they can reach their fans far and wide! They are some thoughtful kids!

The Jonas Car has gotten some new window paint. IT now says that I love the Jonas Brothers and to go buy their new cd A Little Bit Longer! Also, today it’s getting the addition of “Guy Buy GET BACK by Demi Lovato” for those of you who haven’t heard the cd, It’s AMAZING!!!

In my life, being a CP means a lot of work. I get 2 days off but still, during those days I have to go food shopping, do laundry, and other stuff, oh yeah, class. I do get to go out at night though sometimes and I even met a guy. It’s been pretty awesome. Also, going to the Parks whenever I want is an awesome perk. I love going to Hollywood Studios to draw at the Animation Academy. 

Well I gotta work on my scrapbook and mail some letters before I head off to work. I’ll write more soon! I promise!


A Princess September 11, 2008

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Prince Caspian and I

Prince Caspian and I

DIsney Magic to the extreme! This is so great! He was such a character and I was speechless! Totally worth it!  I hope to meet him again and get a better picture with him. This one is ok, but not great. He is very very cute too! 

*sigh* Prince Caspian!


Reassurance August 25, 2008

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Hey everyone!

   I hope all is well your lives. Mine is a bit crazy. I did not expect to be working this much especially because everyone has been saying “it’s the slow season.” I am getting well over “overtime” this week and next and I just started!

 I like my job. I just did my first day of On The Job training. It turns out that I can really be an asset here in the smallest way. I see so many people unhappy here and I wonder why. Everyone is so important here and my small job directing you to your seat, asking you to move toward the center, opening the gate, queing you, and more, while small, is just a way to make the BIG picture move. It’s great!!! So many people were mimicking me today when I was doing my “use both sides point” and I laughed because well it was funny.

I think you have to find happiness in the smallest things to be truly happy. I’m glad I found happiness on my first day. Even though the fastpass machine broke as soon as we opened and I was the only one there. Someone said, “She’ll fix it, she’s from Penn State.” I just silently laughed to myself. It’s crazy.

I get to hear the music from HIgh School Musical all the time. I get to hear the Indiana Jones Theme music all the time. I get to see an awesome parade!!! 


I really do like it here….after I graduate, I want to be a performer here. It would be amazing!


Disney World!! August 19, 2008

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So here I am on the CP!! Finally the time has come!


I got my location today and I am very excited to be working in Hollywood studios!!! SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! Orientation is tomorrow and I can’t wait! i think afterwards, two of my roommates and I will be going to the parks to play!!


I have great roommates. We all seemed to bond quickly. My actual roommate and I have been on many shopping trips and are now watching movies today while Fey drops rain all over the ground. She is from Japan and we are bonding nicely!!! I am having a great time so far!


I can’t wait to start working and making magic!!!