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Won’t You Promise Me, that you’ll never forget October 26, 2008

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HSM 3 Movie Poster

HSM 3 Movie Poster


THis is going to be my movie review of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

I saw it with my roommate here and we expected it to be sold out, but it wasn’t. However, all the good seats were taken, but we found 2 decent ones.

The plot: Pretty good. Typical, high school ends-time to move on-what do we do-should we break up-oh no we’re sad- movie. But it was good. I would have liked to see the relationship between Ryan and Kelsey develop more and a Prom scene would have been nice, but alas, we only get a tidbit.

The music: Pretty amazing. Good songs. Great beats. It’s fun!

There were parts of the movie where I forgot that I was watching a movie and thought I was watching an actual stage show. I wanted to clap at the end of some of the numbers. Also, the way they did the song “A Night to Remember” was really cool. I was very impressed!

All in all, for the original cast, I’d say this was a great way to end their run together. I can’t wait til it comes out on DVD…..because I’m not spending another $10 to see it again.

If you liked the first 2 movies….go see this one. It’s worth it.


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