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Happy Birthday and some notes August 15, 2008

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Happy Birthday to Joe Jonas!! We are so thankful that you were born today to make us all laugh, smile, and melt. Enjoy your last year as a teenager!!!

I leave for Orlando today!!! WDWCP here I come!! I am actually leaving at midnight tonight so that makes it tomorrow I guess. Anyways, ‘m nervous, excited, and scared all at the same time. It will be a great experience, but me being a family person, I am going to miss my family, both real and psu, very very much. I really do stink at this whole goodbye thing….

anyways ill chat more once we arrive safely!!

Mr. Joe Jonas

Mr. Joe Jonas


I forgot something important!! HAPPY 23rd ANNIVERSARY Kevin and Denise…well Mr. and Mrs. Jonas!!!! Thank You for raising 4 wonderful boys!!!!!!


The Jonas Fam

The Jonas Fam


One Response to “Happy Birthday and some notes”

  1. princess Says:

    happy birthday hope you enjoyed and had fun !!!!! xxxxx

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