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Purity Rings…what’s the deal? June 23, 2008

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After Miley Cyrus’ picture slip, there has been rumors of many young celebs getting purity rings. We see this more so in the music industry, but also in the entertainment business in general.

So what’s the deal? Are the rumor’s true?

On a YouTube video blog Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have claimed to have promise rings. Demi has a necklace, Selena a ring. Mad props to you ladies. You are good role models for younger fans. Assuming that you keep those promises as you grow older and as the media continues to hound you about your morals. I believe, this rumor is true because they did make a video about it!

The Jonas Brothers have purity rings. This is true. YAY! Every girl longs to have a guy who has promised to wait! Way to go Jonas Brothers for hopefully being role models for young men out there. This is not a rumor, it is true. There dad is a minister and the boys have promised to wait until marriage. I’m so proud!

Jordin Sparks has one. I’m not sure about this, but I think that it is true. I just hope that she doesn’t turn into the next Brittany Spears or something. Way to go Jordin for setting a good example for you fans.

I think that this is a rising trend and therefore I feel as if I should address something…

Purity/Promise rings are rings in which the wearer promises themselves and God that they will wait until Marriage to have sex. In a world where having sex as young as 13 is becoming more common, I feel as if we need role models who promote waiting.  All of you celebs out there should be showing your fans how to lead good lives. If the label is threatening your morals by asking you to dance, sing, pose a certain way…is it really worth it? 

I don’t think that this is a publicity stunt. I think that this is a call to the media. Stop telling us to compromise our morals. Show us how to live good lives despite all the bad things that happen to us or how blessed we are to live with good families. WAKE UP!