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Dancing on the streets in Pinky high high heels July 1, 2008

So tonight the girls had a challenge. they had to go dance on cobblestone streets in these crazy heels. I don’t really like heels, but when i have to, i’ll put up with them. That was just crazy. Natalie was great. So totally had the confidence and did great with the moves. It was no surprise that she was a sure fire sticker this week. MAD PROPS NAT!!!

As far as who went home…. I don’t think the right girl got the boot. Emma was right, she should not have gone home this week. I do agree that she is a bit inconsistant, but she is doing great in this thing! She quit smoking, is struggling with bronchitus, but she still performs and well. Personally, I think Rhiannon should have gone home. I really don’t see her as Elle.

As far as the girls who stayed. WOAH Lauren! She was hard core ON with her dancing. I thought for sure she was going home! She is def in this competition for the win. Also, Natalie was great and she is tough competition.

Of Course I have to talk bout our Broadway Diva Paul Canaan. Lovin him so much this week. Ok, if you guys haven’t seen how serious he is about broadway and his line of work. Just watch this show! He knows a ton about this stuff and he knows what they are looking for and who has it. Paul knows how to gently tell people they need to do a LOT more than what they have been doing. You are wonderful Paul!!! I don’t have a quote from tonight though 😦

until next monday’s show…