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FOR THE KIDS January 27, 2009

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Hey gang,

  I know I just posted but I forgot something super important. My friend and I are trying to dance for the dance marathon up here that supports the Hershey Medical Center and the Four DIamonds Fund. Both of these establishments help fight pediatric cancer and provide families of children battle pediactric cancers care and treatment at little cost to them. It is very important to us.

If you have a spare dollar or just feel a tug on your heart, please donate. You can start by going here and reading up on my friend Kendall and I. After that you can click the donate now button to give a donation:

If you would like to learn more about the Dance marathon and those it helps, please visit: THON (more…)


Jonas Craze and Dizzy Me Up

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The latest from those amazing talented group of young men called THe Jonas Brothers is their New Year’s Resolution: To become more connected with their fans in 2009. Some of you may be asking yourself how they are planning on doing that, and trust me on this one, the boys won’t execute unless they have a plan. And Plan they Had. Just this weekend the Brothers launched their Fan Family Experience Website. This website serves as a community for Jonas fans across the world! It also serves as the biggest advertising ploy for the guys and everything they have planned this year including their World Tour. Smart smart boys are they! Now I love the boys, the band, and the family like I know them *and I only know them about as well as most of you fans* and so naturally I am on the site and I even created a few groups! I’m all for promoting bands that deserve to be promoted. Groups that write their own music and display their own talents. These boys do just that. So if you are a huge fan or just interested in checking out what the boys are doing to connect with their fans, you can visit:  and sign up! Go ahead and give a look see. You won’t be disappointed!


Now for the second part of my post called Dizzy Me Up. Some of you may know and most of you may not, that I have been fighting a losing battle with doctors for the past year and a half. I go to them with my ails and to no avail. I have found out though that last spring I had Mono, not sure how and it was a small case *thank You Lord!*, I’m still allergic to meat, and I still have asthma and eczema. What they have not found out is why I get weak, moody, dizzy, and more. I had a few bruises that were rather prominent and I had them checked, and my blood cells are a good count so no immediate threat of cancer there. I did however have a pre-cancerous skin cancer spot thing, and they took that out and so far I’m still in good health. So what is wrong with me? Why are there days when I feel spectacular and days when I hate everything? Why do I have days where getting out of bed is the absolute worst thing in the world and the room won’t stop spinning and I Haven’t moved yet? I am beginning to think the answer to my question is more simple than it should be. In fact, it is so simple that the doctors have bypassed it because according to the tests I was getting annually until about the age of 16, there was no sign of it in my body. 

Diabetes. There are many sympotoms and they come in many forms. It runs in my family through my father and the doctors would never think to test me for it. So with the help of a friend who suggested to me that I may have a good number of the symptoms,  I have requested a test upon my next visit. I am scared out of my mind. More so than when I went to get tested for possible forms of cancer. But everything is slowly coming together. It could be that I am just dwelling, or it could be that the pieces are actually coming together. Who knows? No one until I get the test.

I am going home in a few weeks and am hoping to have it done then. It will come at the worst possible time because the results will come in just in time for my 22nd birthday. I’m nervous.


That’s all I got today. I promise to keep you all posted on what happens! Hopefully more will happen with the Jonas Brothers and my mind will be kept away from the scariness of getting more bloodwork done.

Until next time!


Thoughts on Obama January 20, 2009

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I try to stay out of Politics. They make me uneasy and there is something about them that just turns me off completely. Maybe it’s because I see how they tear people apart and cause people to fight, over what they think is right. We all have different thoughts on that.

Today I saw a photo of Obama in the Newspaper. A Local one. He was wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up and he was just talking, pointing to something. I placed this image in my mind and remembered seeing it countless times during the fall. Obama with his sleeves rolled up. Almost like he is saying he is ready to get to work. He is normal like us and has to roll his sleeves up to get to work. It’s a very powerful image to me.

Today being a huge day in Washington, D.C., I figure I should place my thoughts on Mr. Obama. I think he is good for this country. He is not flaunting the fact that he is the First African American president in our faces, he is taking this step as an honor. He will tell us that he will do his best as President and for once, I believe him. I know that things will not change right away, but I think that in the long run we will see a difference.

What I wouldn’t give to sit down and just have coffee with Mr. Obama. To know what he is thinking, feeling, and just to experience him as a real human being. Politicians often get a bad rep. I think we miss judge some of them. We judge them because we don’t know them. We only know what they tell us and sometimes we don’t believe them.

Mr. Obama,

I wish you all the best as President. I hope that you make the best of these next four years. I know that you will do this country a lot of good. I am anxious to see what changes will be made and how they will relate to me. Though I have not followed you through your entire race to the White House, I am finding that your Hope is contagious. That there is something more to believe in. I thank you for bringing the morale of the United STates back up and pray that you can keep it that way. All best Mr. President!


The Snow Bunny is back so soon! January 15, 2009

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Well it picked up snowing today. It was freezing. I think it was about 5 degrees this morning. Seriously. COLD! Having Tai Chi at 8am is so hard in the cold. It makes my Chi cold and that’s not good. My Chi should be nice and warm when it comes out.

Anyways I was walking home from dinner with my Thespian Little tonight and I was watching the snowfall again. This time I was sans music. Just my thoughts and I. Then I noticed it.

I was surprised at myself for never noticing this before! The snow was glittering. It was like a million little diamonds were falling from the sky, sticking to buildings and sidewalks. Everything it touched was dazzling. I suppose this has a little bit to do with the fact that I have been reading the Twilight Saga and everyone knows that Edward glitters and dazzles people. Tonight, though, it was strictly about the snow. It was beautiful and breathtaking. I love the snow. THe light dusting it made, which is to turn into 2-4 inches by morning, was fun to slide in and make footprints. It’s not that Disney snow, that’s for sure. That snow doesn’t sparkle. 

I was doing a lot of thinking today. Wondering why I like CMLit classes. Then I realized it’s because we read and analyze the books. I like doing that. However, I like doing it on my own terms with genres that I know I will like. I’m not a huge fan of my Film and Lit class. I hate the genre we are studying. It’s not interesting to me. I would be much better off in the English Novel to Austen class. I have my Senior Check Out tomorrow so I will work something out with my advisor. I hope. I either want to take that or Shakespeare’s Contemporaries. I think that would be a good class and I’ve had that professor before too. 

I was also thinking about other things. Why college kids are the way they are….or at least the majority of the ones here. Also, about the future. I think instead of the Apartment guide that is for free on the street corners, they should have a Job Guide. Local jobs or ones in the surrounding areas. It would help us college kids out a lot. 

I am at a loss of what I am going to do this weekend. I am supposed to go home, but if I go home I may be tempted to attend a performance that I know would be bad for my health. Being that it may break my heart a little. However, if I do go home, I shouldn’t ignore the performance or the performer. After all, this is his newest show. Sigh, what to do.

Anyways I should probably go. I am trying to finish Breaking Dawn before classes get into full swing and I have no time.

Until later.


Musings of a Snowbunny January 14, 2009

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This evening as I was walking to the gym, it was extremely cold and I thought to myself  I should have worn more clothes. As I walked out of the gym, it was snowing a fairly heavy snowfall. It was the most beautiful thing in the entire world. I decided that I would take the long way home, so I detoured by Old Main. I am one for Historical places. THey tell stories. So walking by Old Main I imagined the first group of students ever at PSU walking through snow. It must have been frustrating, but they would have left from Old Main because it used to be the only dorms. Interesting.

I had my iPod in. Jonas Brothers was playing, though I think Bella’s Lullaby and Claire de Lune would have been more appropriate. 

Have you ever watched a snowfall. I mean really watched it. Sitting on a bench or standing on the sidewalk. You breathe in the cold air and you can almost smell the snow. You can smell the snow before it even comes. Slowly the white puffs drift quietly to the ground. If they had a soundtrack, what would it be? I always imagined it to be quiet. Especially a soft snowfall that leaves a dusting, like the one I saw tonight. It’s peaceful. Sometimes when I watch the snowfall, all my cares and worries slip away. It’s relaxing and comforting.

I have this theory. Snow makes everything pure, new. This beautiful white coating it leaves brings promise of something new. After winter comes Spring and new life. It’s beautiful. It’s like putting frosting on a cake. It covers everything and makes it absolutely breathtaking. 


I will have many more snowfalls to watch here at Penn State. I am looking forward to all of them. Even if they prevent me from going home. This is a very beautiful thing.

*sigh* Snow. 🙂


Humbled. January 11, 2009

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To the guy at the counter who gave me a $100 for my rent with the simple request that I do something good for someone today…THANK YOU!

I was shocked and humbled. Thank you.

I could say thank you a million times and it still wouldn’t suffice. I have no words. I will be sure to pass on your kindness in my own way! 

Thank you again!


Happy January 7, 2009

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I don’t want anyone to think that I am not happy. I am very content with where I am in life right now. I am just going through a lot of changes that I did not prepare my life for.

These changes are having a horrible affect on me.

I am watching a lot of my friends find love and prepare to get married. I have just to have that in my life. It’s hard to see other’s dreams begin to come true and wait around from mine to even start to appear.

I have to find a job. It is going to crazy in the next few months. I don’t know how I feel about having a real job. I would much rather have the time to make sure that this real job is something that I love to do.

My best friend wants me to go to Paris with him. I would love to, but there are issues with that. The big one being….I really like my best friend and going to Paris alone with him would be amazing, but extremely bad for me.

I am happy. I love my friends. I love that I just spent 5 months working for Disney and having a blast. I love that I have freedom to do different things. I am worried. I am scared. This does not mean that I am not happy.