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Day 14: Bad News Happens October 5, 2009

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Ok so I wouldn’t say that I got horrible news. But I mean it’s another kink in my plans.

So back two weeks ago I emailed the Broadcasting Production head and asked about how I could get involved with them. The guy seemed very excited that I had reached out to them asking about information. So I sent my resume to the guy who he directed me to.

Well that guy called me today. He basically said, we’ll try to help you but it doesn’t look too good. We’ll keep you in mind. He gave me some leads to other places that I could apply to. He was a super nice guy but the news was a little disheartening. I just want to hold a camera for crying out loud. There was something about a union, but it was never specified which one exactly.

The point is, you can try and try and try and you might get bad news every time. Don’t lose hope or give up because of bad news. Bad news happens. Bad news may direct you to good news. I now have a few more places to send my resume and a new contact to add to my book. I also gained experience in talking to professional people. You can learn something from everything, even bad news.

While I am sad that things have to be the way they are right now, it’s ok. I love my job and getting to talk to so many different people. I am content with life for now. That’s all that matters.

Onward to the Dream


Days 12, 13, and 14: The Importance of Friends

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This weekend I had some friends come and visit me.

It was a very exciting and fun time. Friends are extremely important in your quest for following your dreams. Surrounding yourself with a network of people that are going to support you helps you grow and gives you some extra courage to continue your quest. Having friends that support you is important for many reasons. Hopefully they are truthful with you. They will help guide you and may even help connect you, if it is at all possible. They encourage you and cheer you up. They laugh with you and are real with you. If they aren’t then they aren’t your friends.

This weekend’s tip is to keep yourself surrounded with supportive friends. They are great for encouragement and guidance. They will help and support you, each step of the way. Also, be sure to laugh and relax as much as possible. Life is too short to be miserable. That’s what friends are for, pick me ups, support, and fun.


Days 10 and 11: Activities October 1, 2009

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It’s important to remember, in your quest for chasing your dream, that as hard as you try you need the help of others.

This lesson was made clear to me yesterday and Tuesday when I was able to hang out with Disney friends from all over the resort. On Tuesday night I played softball, I am in the Donald League, with 13 other Disney workers who I knew. Well, I knew 4 of them and got to know the rest. People were from all over the resort but we were all friends. We learned to work as a team and to support one another. After the game we went to hang out and we just talked. It was networking to have fun. Now people know me and know that I am dedicated and willing to work. They know I am fun and creative.  I feel like people need to get to know you out of an office setting, in order to really know who you are and what you are capable of.

Yesterday I simply went to work. When I’m at work I see and hear so much. Yesterday I was so happy to be at work. I was cracking jokes with the guests and they were actually laughing. It was a lot of fun! The day flew by too! I was able to speak with my managers about my move, if I was making the right one, and just live in it. It’s good and it’s healthy!

So get out there and be active. More importantly be active in the community you want to join and work in!