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Night At The Museum ~ IMAX May 22, 2009

So this morning I took my little cousin Kevin to see Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian at 10 am. We somehow managed just to make the movie, only to find out it started late. It started so late that they only played one preview…for Harry Potter 6! I am really excited about that movie, but on to this one…

I can never justify paying for movies these days. $10 is crazy let alone the costs of snacks. Today I payed $7 just for a medium sized bag of movie popcorn…next time I’m popping my own. On top of that the IMAX movie costs $15.50 for adults and $12.50 for kids. Really? $28 for a movie? Going to the movies has become a luxury item these days. I remember when you could get in under $5. These days, the movies are rip offs, especially if the movie stinks.

Now that I have you thinking that the movie stinks, I’m going to say that it didn’t stink. I haven’t seen the first movie so I had no expectations. In fact, I thought that the first movie sounded dumb. However, this is the movie Kevin wanted to see and he wanted to see it in IMAX. I love the IMAX experience even if I can’t justify paying for it. You can pickup every detail of the movie…there was even an IMAX theatre in the movie *look for it!*

I realize this movie has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. I read one today that said that the actors were horrible because they seemed to be looking at nothing which, for the most part, is what they were doing because when they were filming half the stuff wasn’t really there. However, I would beg to differ. I will admit that I hated parts of this movie. But the majority of it I loved simply because it served its purpose. For the hour and forty five minutes this movie ran, I actually was able to let my imagination wander on the thought of a museum coming alive. I found this an extremely interesting thought. I also am a fan of movies that teach life lessons, even if it is cheesy. This life lesson: Do what you love with people you love to do it with.

J.M. Barrie hit the nail on the head when he invited kids to see a performance of Peter Pan, knowing that the adults would not be able to appreciate it without being able to see the show through the eyes of a child. Sometimes I think that movie critics need to remember this. Of course you wouldn’t like it if you knew all the magic behind the movie and scrutinized every movement of the actors. Relax and watch the story unfold. Learn to laugh and open your mind up. Take a child with you for crying out loud. True, this twenty-something-year-old girl would have liked the movie even if I went with friends my own age, but that’s because I have the mind of 5 year old. I love to believe in magic. But sometimes I think we miss the purpose of things.

The purpose of this movie was to entertain. It was to make us laugh and let our imaginations run wild for a little bit. It wasn’t meant to mirror real life.  Therefore, I give this movie 4 out of 4 stars.

I could have done without the love story, however, Amy Adams was great *she always is*. I also loved the appearance by the Jonas Brothers as Cherubs. They were even able to sing a little bit of Love Bug. Also, stay tuned at the end of the movie for an extra little clip and to hear the Jonas Brothers song for the movie Fly With Me!

Did you see the movie? Let me know your thoughts!


GLEE ~ For the Love of It May 20, 2009

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So I just watched GLEE with about half of America. I am simply at a loss for words. GLEE was AMAZING! Of course FOX will make us wait until September to see this show. They are some smart cookies those people at FOX. Since the ratings drop with 24 this past season, FOX needed something to stir up its audiences. Why not combine Musical Theatre and TV? But wait! We will premiere the show at the end of the Spring TV season and use it as a kick off to SWEEPS in the fall! They really are some very smart cookies! They also want YOU to tell YOUR friends to check out the first episode of GLEE all summer long on

So why did I like GLEE? Here are a few reasons:

GLEE puts everything I could never have into a show. My school never had a show choir, however, that was the one thing I’ve always wanted to be a part of. Because I never had experience in a show choir I was too chicken to join one in College, even though I know most of the people in it *Shout out to those SINGING LIONS!*, I still couldn’t do it. I think it’s the one thing I regret. I would love to go back to my high school now and start one. I would need some help though, but I know I’d be able to find it. I was never really a jock and I never really fit in anywhere. I can relate a lot of the characters of Rachel and Mr. Schuester. I feel like an outsider a lot. However, I find absolute joy and I am most happy when I am preforming. GLEE has many definitions, but it mostly means joy or happiness. So this show is perfect for that. 

It relates at a wide audience. This is not a show that is going to bring in Women between the ages of 18-49, which is the demographic most sitcoms seem to be going towards these days. This is a show that is going to draw teenagers, college kids, and adults together. This is a show that is going to bring together not only the theatre lovers but people who love to watch a good sitcom. 

SHOW TUNES! OK so maybe there aren’t going to be too many show tunes. But the fact that there are musical theatre artists in the show and scheduled to guest star on the show, I am extremely PUMPED! Finally, everyone will be able to get a taste of what I love about performing arts! Show tunes are goofy, but that doesn’t mean the people who sing them are. Well, I consider myself goofy, but if you look at the people in the performing arts lifestyle, most of them are doing it because they are passionate about it. Some are doing it because it’s all they have ever known, and that’s ok too. But the majority of performers perform because its what makes them happy, it is their passion. When was the last time you did something that you were extremely passionate about? I’m serious. If you are passionate about math and you love accounting…do it! Don’t just settle for the first thing that comes your way and makes you miserable. It’s a lot like a relationship. Hey! I think GLEE is going somewhere with this…

But I won’t spoil the show for everyone. I will simply suggest that you head on over to and watch the first episode and decide for yourself.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be pulling our hair out in anticipation for the fall season of GLEE!


Dreams Come True Every Day. May 19, 2009

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The Final Voiceover for One Tree Hill Season Six is as follows:

Mouth: Take a look at yourself in a mirror who do you see looking back?
Haley: Is it the person you want to be?
Dan: Or is there someone else you were meant to be the person you were meant to be but fell short of?
Mia: Is someone telling you you can’t or won’t? Because you can.
Chase: Believe that love is out there.
Nathan: Believe that dreams come true every day.  Because they do.
Peyton: Sometimes happiness doesn’t come from money or fame or power.  Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family and the quiet nobility of leading a good life.
Julian: Believe that dreams come true every day.  Because they do.
Brooke: Believe that dreams come true every day.  Because they do.
Peyton: So take a look in that mirror and remind yourself to be happy because you deserve to be.  Believe that.
Lucas: And believe that dreams come true every day.  Because they do

This is a post about dreams. Not just my dreams, but your dreams too. 

Somewhere in the midst of getting an education and making the people around me happy and focusing on doing well in school that I could get a job…I lost sight of my dreams. Somewhere between childhood and turning 22 I forgot what I really wanted to become in life. Now, I believe that I have become a fairly decent person who loves to help people, especially children. Maybe I didn’t so much lose sight of my dream, so much as I lost hope in my dream. Because somewhere along the line, a lot of people told me that I couldn’t do that. I won’t make any money doing what I love to do. What I love to do is simply put a smile on people’s faces. I love entertaining.

I am crazy. I love to have fun and I love to laugh. I don’t think that I am well suited for an office job because I love to be up and moving all day. Sitting around is boring to me. I need human interaction. I need life. 

I have a lot of dreams. I want to sing on stage in front of people. I want to juggle for a crowd. I want to make a little girl feel like a princess and show little boys that they don’t have be cool to fit in. I want to show other’s that there is more to life than the workplace. There are family and friends, adventures and nature, life and music and love and laughter. I want to get married to the most amazing guy who I haven’t even met yet (so I think). I want to be in a relationship that is based off of my personality and not my sex appeal. I dream of savoring every moment of life. 

I recently graduated from college. A major life change. I have had many life changes: I stood for 46 hrs straight to help fight pediatric cancer and learned I could make a difference in the smallest way, I spent a summer in Vail, Colorado with Campus Crusade of Christ and learned how to trust men again as well as meeting our amazing Creator in a breathtaking place, I spent a semester in Disney make the dreams of other’s come true and realizing the dreams I have for myself as well. I am vowing t clear the path to make my dreams come true.

Now on to your dreams. What are they? Did you forget about them? Are they lost in the shuffle of life? Are you too busy to notice the smaller things that may hold the key to reaching those dreams? I challenge you to clear the path to make your dreams come true. Take small steps before you take big leaps…but dig deep. Find the dreams you’ve wanted to achieve your entire life and live them. 

Believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do.

Talk about a commencement speech.


Officially Graduated May 17, 2009

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Today, at 12 noon, I officially graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in the field of Telecommunications with a minor in Theatre. Wow that sounds….official. I even got two degrees. One for my major and one for my minor. It was nice, though the road to graduation was stressful, especially that last few days.

My sister headed to her Senior Prom on Friday. She is the last of my children in my family to go to her senior prom. Though her exit was fast, the preparation for this day was a week long thing. We had to clean the house from top to bottom, get nails done, pick up the dress, buy snacks, and so on. She was a princess and certainly looked like one as she headed off to the prom with a very cute and very sweet boy. From what I hear, she had fun.

Right after that, ok more like an hour after that, my mom’s friend arrived with the car we were taking up to Penn State. She was late, of course, so I suppose this fueled the stress a little more. The long car ride and my 4 hour playlist was ok. It’s amazing the difference great music can make. I have a new song too: Lift Me Up by Kate Voegele. Pretty much anything by Kate Voegele is really good. We arrived late and my parents wanted to take me out drinking. I was so not in the mood. But I went, the bars were packed so I was stressing…and suggested we go to the diner. So we did.

Today the yelling started when I woke up. 4 ppl to a hotel room is crazy with showers and everything. Cause for a lot of fighting and stuff. But we made it through to Graduation. But with lack of sleep and food, by the car ride back we were back to bickering again. The break for dinner at a great restaurant in West Chester was fun.

Over all, I think today was really good. Everyone was stressed. It happens. I know I was stressed. I have been so worried about making my little sister’s prom the perfect one, that I really hadn’t taken time to reflect on my day. And now that it’s here and gone, it’s nice. I mean I have a lot of learning left to do, but I can now do it on my own time.

As for a job, that will come on it’s own time. The speaker today said that we should do things on our own time. Because we can appreciate all that life has to offer. I have been in touch with a few different places. Trying to send out a few resumes a day and see where it puts me. Disney is still an option as well. However, right now, I think it’s time for a vacation. I want to go on a trip. To a place. With a friend. That’s all. I dunno where, I dunno who, I just want to go.

So here we go. Here comes life. Real Life.

I graduated. Yay!


Book Review: Sundays at Tiffanys May 15, 2009

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On Monday I read the book Sunday At Tiffanys by James Patterson.

This was a big deal because I never, I repeat NEVER read books in one day. This was simply a book I could not put down. I’m not even a huge James Patterson fan. But I am recommending this book everywhere I go. Mostly to girls. It’s very girly.

This is a book about finding love in its purest form. It is a very magical book that I think a lot of people can relate to. Of course it deals with imaginary friends and conquering in the face of adversity. It is a beautiful book based off of something Patterson’s son said to him before he left to go on a trip. Since I lent the book to my friend, I am unable to grab the exact quote.

I found that this book related a lot to what I was personally going through. Growing up, discovering who I am, finding love, facing adversity, proving people wrong, and so much more. I am very much like the character of Jane. The idea of Jane’s Michael is very sweet.

So girls, if you are in the mood for a sweet book about finding yourself and finding love…grab this. It’s a perfect beach read and easy to read in a day.

Guys, if you want to know what girls hope their men would be like, read this book.

This book leads me to believe that there are good guys out there who know what women really want in men. Afterall, James Patterson is a guy!