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Reassurance August 25, 2008

Filed under: Disney — thekeenanator @ 11:50 pm

Hey everyone!

   I hope all is well your lives. Mine is a bit crazy. I did not expect to be working this much especially because everyone has been saying “it’s the slow season.” I am getting well over “overtime” this week and next and I just started!

 I like my job. I just did my first day of On The Job training. It turns out that I can really be an asset here in the smallest way. I see so many people unhappy here and I wonder why. Everyone is so important here and my small job directing you to your seat, asking you to move toward the center, opening the gate, queing you, and more, while small, is just a way to make the BIG picture move. It’s great!!! So many people were mimicking me today when I was doing my “use both sides point” and I laughed because well it was funny.

I think you have to find happiness in the smallest things to be truly happy. I’m glad I found happiness on my first day. Even though the fastpass machine broke as soon as we opened and I was the only one there. Someone said, “She’ll fix it, she’s from Penn State.” I just silently laughed to myself. It’s crazy.

I get to hear the music from HIgh School Musical all the time. I get to hear the Indiana Jones Theme music all the time. I get to see an awesome parade!!! 


I really do like it here….after I graduate, I want to be a performer here. It would be amazing!


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