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Fly With Me June 8, 2009

Hey All! Tonight I want to talk about my favorite boys.

First off: The premiere of their music video for Fly With Me was on the Disney Channel tonight. Even though the video wasn’t flashy or have a cool story-line and looked like it was made during their rehearsals, it was amazing! I think that it was perfectly Jonas Brothers. The video was exactly who they are. It was relaxed and fun. Joe’s facial expressions, the behind the scenes clips, Nick at his white piano, it was perfectly Jonas. I like how they let us in on the work they are doing for the tour. To see the turn table stage in action was amazing and really really cool. 

I really liked the video because it reminded me why I liked the Jonas Brothers to begin with. Their music is amazing, they are extremely talented, they always want to go bigger and better in bringing their work to their fans. They are simple, fun loving guys who happen to make music we all can relate to. They have family and friends who love them and support them. Yes, they draw crowds and attention, but for three young guys in an EXTREMELY loose entertainment business, they seem to have their heads in the right places. Someday I hope to meet them *away from the crowds maybe* and find out for myself that they really do have their heads on straight and that it’s not all the Disney Giant speaking in-through them. They are boys, they are young men in a very VERY fast paced world and they will fall because they are not perfect, but they will get back up and learn. Just because they are in the public eye all the time doesn’t mean they are exempt from making mistakes. They are doing the best they can with the lives they have been given and while I don’t know from experience, I can guess that being in the light all the time is not an easy job. 

So thanks again boys, for doing what you are doing! You are amazing young men *even the Frankster* and I think that you guys are on a great track. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all! Thanks for creating a family out of your band and not just be the Jonas Brothers with some back up band…thank you for being The Jonas Brothers *including band and all!*.  Just remember that you have all of us fans out here supporting you as well. You treat us great and for that, I respect you guys more than I respect any other celebrity!


A Quick Shout out to Mr. John Taylor who made his TV debut tonight on JONAS! You did a great job John! Hope to see more of you and the band the rest of the season!


State College Take Over September 3, 2008


Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers

My Favorite Boys took over State College last night and I wasn’t there to see them! I heard it was an amazing concert that was full of fun and some PSU Spirit. Band Member John Taylor, a State College native *boalsburg really* was of course on the scene. John sported a NIttany Lion hat for most of the night which was looking pretty sweet *I saw some pics*  Also, Joe and Frank the Tank Jonas sported PSU jerseys and tap danced during Love Bug *saw a vid*. I MISSED IT ALLLLLLLL *tear*

Anyways Just letting you know that the boys were there and that i missed them. I wish I was home for that though because I would have loved to see them!! I would totally buy them breakfast at the Waffle Shop!!


Boys next time you go to STate College, I’ll buy you and the band and the fam breakfast at the Waffle Shop!!!