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“Would you like to show off?” June 6, 2008

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So I am a juggler and there is nothing that I like more than to watch other people juggle. I love seeing performing techniques especially because I am a new performer myself. Different people have different ways of doing tricks, interacting with audience members, and so on. 

Last night was the first Swinging Summer Thursday in town and I was meeting some friends of mine there. I was there early and decided to walk around. Of course I run into a friend of mine from the juggling club who is performing. So I stopped to watch his act. He’s been juggling for a while and is really good at it. So I stopped and watched with a huge smile on my face. After his performance he asked me if I would like to show off. I declined, stating that I am very much bruised from this week’s practicing to perform. It’s true I had two big bruises on my forearms from club juggling. He laughed and continued on.

Later while I was with my friends we saw him performing again. Since my friends didn’t believe that I could juggle, I stepped up and raised my hand  when he asked for a volunteer. I then proceeded to spin a plate and do some cool tricks with it. My performance techniques were a little off because I am in the middle of switching from plastic to aluminum plates. I did my best though.

I guess performing is all in a day’s work. One comment my juggling friend made is, “they pay me to do this.” He was speaking in context of performing for kids and letting them spin the plate on their fingers or catch a ball. It sort of hit me. When I perform, I will be getting paid to do something I love, something that makes people smile, something that is interesting and cool.