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Another Side of Me July 19, 2008

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So I have many sides. I have been called a horse of many colors. Sort of like the one in the Wizard of Oz. I grew up wanting to be one of the guys, i love sports, I’m an artist, I love theatre, and well…I’m a girl.

Now most girls have a need to be loved or told that they are loved. Today, however, the term “love” the idea of romance seems to be gone. So in a day where most girls drop all their standards for the first guy that notices them, I choose to hang on to the fantastic Mr. Darcy Idea of a man. I guess you can call me a romantic.

By now you are probably trying figure out why I let you in on another part of myself. It has to do with my cousin, who I tend to worry about a lot.

This week we were at the beach as a family. I love my family, but my cousin Kate and I just butt heads a lot. She’s about 5 months younger than me and totally boy crazy. She has always been boy crazy. So much infact, that she continues to hang around guys that continually break her heart over and over again. She just lets them walk all over her. Katie tells me “This guy really pissed me off. I’m not talking to him until he shapes up.” Then when we are down the beach, she decides to go over his house just to say hi. Ok, there’s nothing wrong about going to say hi. But if you are going to not talk to a guy to prove a point, you shouldn’t just waltz on over to say hi. It’s frustrates me because I want her to be happy and I want her to find a nice guy, but she always seems to find the jerks. Then I get dragged along to meet them or wait while she has long long conversations with them. Like I said, frustrating.

I guess it’s different. I mean I’m here waiting for a guy to come along, ask me on a few dates before even considering asking to be his girlfriend, a guy who likes to dance, smile, and doesn’t mind that I’m a juggler and artist(the acting kind). I like walking and enjoying simple things and music. I love music! Singing and dancing. Maybe my idea of the perfect guy, won’t happen. Well that’s not true. He exists somewhere, but I don’t know where.¬†

I know that we all have different ideas of the perfect guy/girl. The one you are supposed to be with forever. With the divorce rate being as high as it is today and so many people being unhappy in their marriages and so on, it’s hard to believe in the original idea of love. But I believe in it. I really really hope my cousin finds it. I mean we are 21 and I know that is young, but I have only had one real boyfriend and that ended badly. I have a best friend and while I would love to marry him, I know we are set to be on different paths and those paths may never cross. If I have learned one thing from him, is that there is someone out there who is like him who is going to love me for who I am and what I love and what I do.

So with that said…Here is the hopeless romantic in me. I love this side of me. Though at times it makes me depressed and unhappy, I know that my Perfect Man is somewhere out there.

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