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“It’s a Hiiit!” July 24, 2008

I was in my favorite city today!!! But not for Bailey’s premiere as Elle Woods. Obviously if I was I’d be waiting for her at the stage door.



Today I saw the Little Mermaid on Broadway. It was really good, even though I paid full price and my seats were obstructed view and no one told me *GRRRR*. Prince Eric *Sean Palmer* had an amazing voice! The star studded cast of Sheri Renee Scott, Norm Lewis, Titus Burgess, Johnathan Freedman, and others was great too…HOWEVER, Ariel’s understudy was in! SHE WAS AMAZING!!! Better than Sierra Bogess by far! Betsy Morgan YOU ROCKED today!!!! Sorry I didn’t stay and get your autograph! I waited and waited but no one was coming out and well…..I had to be somewhere else.



That somewhere else was The Palace Theatre. At 2 pm today Bailey took the stage as Elle Woods with her real opening performance to come later this evening at 8 pm. My mom and sister *though they didn’t see the show* headed over and got in line at the Stage Door with hopes that Bailey would come out. While she did not, others did. My sister was able to talk to Autumn and get some pics with her! She also chatted up the New UPS guy, some old star friends, and with Mr. Paul Canaan himself!!!!



Now you all know how much I love Paul. I was sooooo Jealous that my sister was able to meet, chat up, and get a pic with Paul Canaan one of our Fave Broadway Divas! I was at the Little Mermaid Stage Dooring when this happened…however I did catch a glimpse of the man before he headed back into the theatre. LOVE HIM!!! Here a conversation that happened between My Sister and Paul:

Alissa: Paul was the show a hit?

Paul: It was a Hiiiiiiit!

I’m jealous he did that for her and I wasn’t there to see it! I have stage doored LEgally Blonde 4 times and he has not come out…when my sister does and I don’t, he comes out. Sad day!!! He won’t be there when I go to see Bailey play Elle next week. He begins his workshops with Laura Bell Bundy.

Others who were seen by the fans this afternoon at The Palace Theatre:

The parents of all the new stars

Heather Hach

Mr. Bernie Telsey *who I hear was signing autographs*

I wish Bailey a Beautiful run in this show and have full faith in her.

For those of you who don’t know…. Autumn is in the show as Elle’s Understudy

Lauren and Rhiannon have joined the National Touring Cast so look for them at a city near you!


This Broadway Baby has to intern tomorrow so it’s off to bed for me! Thanks for reading!


And The Winner Is…. July 22, 2008

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BAILEY!!!! She was my second choice and my first going into Tonight’s show. I am so excited to see her on Broadway!!! BAILEY TOOK OVER THE STAGE TONIGHT!!!! She was beautiful and totally Elle. I cried!

I loved how their Families were there! I loved Jerry Mitchell and Paul!!!




A Tearful Farewell


Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle

Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle

I don’t know what the mood was like last night as Laura Bell Bundy hit her final note as Elle Woods in the Musical Legally Blonde, but I can guess that she got a standing ovation as well as tears from the cast members, production team, and audience members. In fact, she was probably crying herself.  


A little after 10:30 last night, Laura Bell Bundy took her final curtain call at the Palace Theatre. I am a bit sad that I did not get to see her perform one more time before she left, but I suppose three times and meeting her Twice is good enough for me. Maybe our paths will cross in the future, who knows really.



Rehearsal for Legally Blonde the Musical

Rehearsal for Legally Blonde the Musical

 I was searching You Tube to see if anyone was able to get a video of her speech or something, but nothing so far. I am nervous. I would love to hear what she said to her cast and crew on her final night. It might sound bad, but I like to emotion it creates. It shows the passion and love the cast member has for their job. It also shows the most important thing about theatre…Your Cast and Crew becomes your family and your best friends.  You are on stage with them for hours every day. You combine to create this form of live art that causes audiences to feel something they might not feel while watching tv or a movie. It’s real. It’s different.   Laura Bell was an artist. The way she played Elle was beautiful and inspiring. Her voice was amazing. In person, Laura is very much real and down to earth. She cares about he fans and loves talking to them. She appreciates that we appreciate her. She’ll talk and talk with you. Her body guards aren’t too nice but when she comes out she is sweet as pie and so much fun to be around. In talking with her about her role, she was very much excited about it. She loved the character of Elle and getting to create it. She told us about the cast and how much fun they have. 



   Laura Bell Bundy and our Broadway Diva Paul Canaan will be touring the country doing workshops in schools. They are both very excited about this. I actually was able to talk with her a little about it the second time I met her. She loves teaching younger girls and inspiring them to follow their dreams. Paul and Laura are pretty much best friends. They are amazing together and will be great in their workshops!!!   Best of luck to both of them! They are beautiful people and will be missed very much in the Legally Blonde cast. They are very talented and very inspiring.    Who will win Tonight’s Search for the Next Elle Woods???


One Episode Left! July 15, 2008

Ok so let’s talk about tonight’s Legally Blonde The Search For The Next Elle Woods.

WTF?!? Lauren went home?!? What was that all about? In my opinion, she gave it her all but because she is only 18 (only 1 year younger than Bailey) she got sent home? You’re too young??? That’s the only excuse they could give her? That’s not fair. Now I know what you all are going to say: “Life isn’t fair. Casting agencies are mean.” Her singing is amazing and she has been so dead on during the majority of the auditions. WTF?!?

I am VERY Disappointed because Rihannon can’t sing for her life while dancing and acting. Autumn isn’t even consistant. I really like Bailey but I LOVE Lauren. I am now cheering for Bailey.

UGH I don’t even want to talk about the show any more. My sister and I have seen Legally Blonde THe Musical 3 times and Lauren was the one who seemed the most capable of doing the show night after night. Bailey is our next hope but she’s no Lauren. 

I have no Paul Canaan quote tonight. He didn’t even talk that much this time. Still love you Paul!!!

Ugggh I’m so frustrated by this show. One time you look young and off you go while people who can’t sing and dance are still on the show and auditioning for a MUSICAL. WhAT THE HECK!?! I’ll never get it!


4 Girls Left July 8, 2008

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So tonight was a pretty good episode of LBSFTNEW. 

Someone asked me: why are they searching for a replacement for Laura Bell Bundy? Well, she has other plans and is ending her run with the show. She might be back at a later date, but right now she has better things to do. As for Legally Blonde, if you watched tonight’s episode, Laura said that it has been the time of her life. She also said that she learned a lot about herself through being Elle Woods.

So for this episode I do not have a Paul Canaan quote. You looked beautiful again tonight Paul and I guess the quote for tonight would have to be, “That’s what I call, a Hiiiiiiiiiit!” Love it.

2 of the girls went blonde and Bailey cried when her hair was cut like 2 inches. I don’t understand why girls do that.

WHY DID THEY PUT ANDY KARL IN CHRISTIAN BORLE’S ROLE?!?!?! It’s not the same!!!!!!!!!! Christian whyyyy? For those of you who don’t know, Christian is one of my fave broadway leading men. He is beautiful, quirky, and has a great voice. He also loves comic books. I dunno, the song Legally Blonde isn’t the same without Christian’s voice in it.

Natalie got sent home.*sigh* I think she had something more than Riahannon. I really don’t like Riahannon. She needs to go home. Like Now.

As for the girls that are left. I like 2 out of 4. Bailey and Lauren. I’m seriously rooting for Lauren. She is the most like Laura Bell and very much like Elle Woods. I totally see it and I think she is going to nail the audition next week. GO LAUREN!!

So until next week….


Dancing on the streets in Pinky high high heels July 1, 2008

So tonight the girls had a challenge. they had to go dance on cobblestone streets in these crazy heels. I don’t really like heels, but when i have to, i’ll put up with them. That was just crazy. Natalie was great. So totally had the confidence and did great with the moves. It was no surprise that she was a sure fire sticker this week. MAD PROPS NAT!!!

As far as who went home…. I don’t think the right girl got the boot. Emma was right, she should not have gone home this week. I do agree that she is a bit inconsistant, but she is doing great in this thing! She quit smoking, is struggling with bronchitus, but she still performs and well. Personally, I think Rhiannon should have gone home. I really don’t see her as Elle.

As far as the girls who stayed. WOAH Lauren! She was hard core ON with her dancing. I thought for sure she was going home! She is def in this competition for the win. Also, Natalie was great and she is tough competition.

Of Course I have to talk bout our Broadway Diva Paul Canaan. Lovin him so much this week. Ok, if you guys haven’t seen how serious he is about broadway and his line of work. Just watch this show! He knows a ton about this stuff and he knows what they are looking for and who has it. Paul knows how to gently tell people they need to do a LOT more than what they have been doing. You are wonderful Paul!!! I don’t have a quote from tonight though 😦

until next monday’s show…


Searching for the next Elle Woods….still and some Jo Bros stuff June 24, 2008

WOAH! Tonight we got a bit of a curve ball. 2 girls went home instead of one. HORRAY!!! Cassie S. is gone. If it was one person on the entire show that I could not stand she was it. She was just super stuck up and thought she was the best. She was good, but others were better and she just couldn’t take it. Sorry babe but you are FINALLY gone.

Ok so I missed the first 15 minutes of the show, but I thought that Autumn had the most chemistry with the dogs! I’m glad she got to go meet Richard Blake. I was also happy that Richard was on the show. He’s a great dude and he also gets to play all the Jerk boyfriend roles in every show he’s in. I thought it was so cute how he had roses for the girls and chatted with them. I don’t think it helped Autumn any though, the chemistry she thought she had with him, just wasn’t there.

I don’t have a Paul Canaan quote for tonight because I really wasn’t paying attention. I will say this about the Broadway Diva, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!! Paul was dressed so beautifully tonight. I am a sucker for pinstripes and the combo with his hair highlights was AWESOME! Mad props on your outfit choice Paul. Def, lovin you!

We shall see what next week will bring. I’m glad that Emma sang great though sick and that Lauren is still in.


So I am going to admit this on my blog. I am becoming a fan of the Jo Bros. Yes the Jonas Brothers have begun to steal my heart. 21 years old and I like the Jonas brothers. It’s not that bad. They have a good sound, great songs, and seem like awesome guys.

Honestly, I think it all started with Joe Jonas and his Camp Rock tight pants. Haha that maybe had something to do with it, but the clincher for me was Play My Music. It’s a really good song!