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Won’t You Promise Me, that you’ll never forget October 26, 2008

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HSM 3 Movie Poster

HSM 3 Movie Poster


THis is going to be my movie review of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

I saw it with my roommate here and we expected it to be sold out, but it wasn’t. However, all the good seats were taken, but we found 2 decent ones.

The plot: Pretty good. Typical, high school ends-time to move on-what do we do-should we break up-oh no we’re sad- movie. But it was good. I would have liked to see the relationship between Ryan and Kelsey develop more and a Prom scene would have been nice, but alas, we only get a tidbit.

The music: Pretty amazing. Good songs. Great beats. It’s fun!

There were parts of the movie where I forgot that I was watching a movie and thought I was watching an actual stage show. I wanted to clap at the end of some of the numbers. Also, the way they did the song “A Night to Remember” was really cool. I was very impressed!

All in all, for the original cast, I’d say this was a great way to end their run together. I can’t wait til it comes out on DVD…..because I’m not spending another $10 to see it again.

If you liked the first 2 movies….go see this one. It’s worth it.


Wowzers October 12, 2008

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Wow! Sorry I have neglected this blog. I have been super busy. I apologize. I haven’t even had time to keep up with my boys…who are so graciously taking a break from touring and keeping themselves out of the news! They are working on their new TV show and their 3D movie! They are also doing a bit of touring around Europe to promote the new CD. THey have announced a World Tour so they can reach their fans far and wide! They are some thoughtful kids!

The Jonas Car has gotten some new window paint. IT now says that I love the Jonas Brothers and to go buy their new cd A Little Bit Longer! Also, today it’s getting the addition of “Guy Buy GET BACK by Demi Lovato” for those of you who haven’t heard the cd, It’s AMAZING!!!

In my life, being a CP means a lot of work. I get 2 days off but still, during those days I have to go food shopping, do laundry, and other stuff, oh yeah, class. I do get to go out at night though sometimes and I even met a guy. It’s been pretty awesome. Also, going to the Parks whenever I want is an awesome perk. I love going to Hollywood Studios to draw at the Animation Academy. 

Well I gotta work on my scrapbook and mail some letters before I head off to work. I’ll write more soon! I promise!