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Missed Connections where are you? June 27, 2008

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So tonight I was surfing and I like to look on Craigslist because sometimes you find fun things. I was just introduced to Craigslist this summer, I know it’s sad.

I found a page called “Missed Connections” where people can post places where they were and what a person was wearing or information about a connection that could have been missed. I like reading them, knowing most of them will never be me, but thinking it would be cool if one was.

Think you passed someone in the street or chatted it up at a bar with a cutie but was too afraid to pursue the relationship? Check out Craigslist Missed Connections. That person could be looking for you. If not, at least you get to read other people’s missed connections and secretly say how cute or romantic you think they are.

If you see this and a missed connection worked out for you…let me know! I am interested to see if it really works.


KarateDonkeydotcom June 26, 2008

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So I am interning this summer with a media company and we just started up a webdesign section.

So we made a promovideo and want to know what you all think about it! Comment here or there if you want to.  They had a lot of fun making it and there are more donkey movies to come. Here’s the link!



Searching for the next Elle Woods….still and some Jo Bros stuff June 24, 2008

WOAH! Tonight we got a bit of a curve ball. 2 girls went home instead of one. HORRAY!!! Cassie S. is gone. If it was one person on the entire show that I could not stand she was it. She was just super stuck up and thought she was the best. She was good, but others were better and she just couldn’t take it. Sorry babe but you are FINALLY gone.

Ok so I missed the first 15 minutes of the show, but I thought that Autumn had the most chemistry with the dogs! I’m glad she got to go meet Richard Blake. I was also happy that Richard was on the show. He’s a great dude and he also gets to play all the Jerk boyfriend roles in every show he’s in. I thought it was so cute how he had roses for the girls and chatted with them. I don’t think it helped Autumn any though, the chemistry she thought she had with him, just wasn’t there.

I don’t have a Paul Canaan quote for tonight because I really wasn’t paying attention. I will say this about the Broadway Diva, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!! Paul was dressed so beautifully tonight. I am a sucker for pinstripes and the combo with his hair highlights was AWESOME! Mad props on your outfit choice Paul. Def, lovin you!

We shall see what next week will bring. I’m glad that Emma sang great though sick and that Lauren is still in.


So I am going to admit this on my blog. I am becoming a fan of the Jo Bros. Yes the Jonas Brothers have begun to steal my heart. 21 years old and I like the Jonas brothers. It’s not that bad. They have a good sound, great songs, and seem like awesome guys.

Honestly, I think it all started with Joe Jonas and his Camp Rock tight pants. Haha that maybe had something to do with it, but the clincher for me was Play My Music. It’s a really good song!




Purity Rings…what’s the deal? June 23, 2008

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After Miley Cyrus’ picture slip, there has been rumors of many young celebs getting purity rings. We see this more so in the music industry, but also in the entertainment business in general.

So what’s the deal? Are the rumor’s true?

On a YouTube video blog Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have claimed to have promise rings. Demi has a necklace, Selena a ring. Mad props to you ladies. You are good role models for younger fans. Assuming that you keep those promises as you grow older and as the media continues to hound you about your morals. I believe, this rumor is true because they did make a video about it!

The Jonas Brothers have purity rings. This is true. YAY! Every girl longs to have a guy who has promised to wait! Way to go Jonas Brothers for hopefully being role models for young men out there. This is not a rumor, it is true. There dad is a minister and the boys have promised to wait until marriage. I’m so proud!

Jordin Sparks has one. I’m not sure about this, but I think that it is true. I just hope that she doesn’t turn into the next Brittany Spears or something. Way to go Jordin for setting a good example for you fans.

I think that this is a rising trend and therefore I feel as if I should address something…

Purity/Promise rings are rings in which the wearer promises themselves and God that they will wait until Marriage to have sex. In a world where having sex as young as 13 is becoming more common, I feel as if we need role models who promote waiting.  All of you celebs out there should be showing your fans how to lead good lives. If the label is threatening your morals by asking you to dance, sing, pose a certain way…is it really worth it? 

I don’t think that this is a publicity stunt. I think that this is a call to the media. Stop telling us to compromise our morals. Show us how to live good lives despite all the bad things that happen to us or how blessed we are to live with good families. WAKE UP!


We…Rock? June 21, 2008

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Those who know me know that I am an avid Disney fan. I mean I am spending an entire semester in Disney World. So here is my review of the newest Disney Channel Original Movie: Camp Rock.

For the most part this was a good movie. The music was pretty good and the story, well wasn’t quite original but it was sweet none-the-less. 

So basically this girl gets to go to this camp because her mom is the new cook there and she gets to go for half price. THis ROCK CAMP is full of kids who have rich parents and are extremely good in the music department. So gets mixed in with the wrong clique but finds herself in the end realizing it isn’t worth it. She even gets the guy….kind of.

So here we go. What did I find wrong with this movie:

1. During “Gotta Find You” Joe is supposedly singing acoustic to Demi by the lake to get her opinion. However, there are backup vocals during the chorus. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? It might sound good and kids probably won’t realize what is going on, but still….it ruins the effect. 

2. I love Demi Lovato, don’t get me wrong. She has a great voice and she’s cute as can be. BUT: she either can’t dance or the choreographer was on crack. The dancing did not do her justice. Seriously. One day she is going to look back on this movie and go….seriously I did that?

3. During the Final Jam when the character of Margret comes out to sing her song, she isn’t really playing the guitar. It really really bothered me. DISNEY COME ON! YOU CAN BE BETTER THAN THAT. Just because the movie is Camp ROCK doesn’t mean you can have people fake rocking. She would have been better off with a mic and a stand. However, it did remind me a bit of Tiffany Taylor’s song in CAMP where she sings “Here’s who I stand, here’s who I am”.  She has a good voice, I would have liked the focus on that rather than the non-guitar playing.

4. The dancing during “We Rock” could have been a lot better. There was one point when Joe Jonas looked like he either had to pee really bad or take a poo. I was like you all are so much better than that.  


Disney could have done better. I guess you can’t ask for much, but after High School Musical you expect way way more.

The movie was good but as Walt Disney said, “You’re dead if you only aim for kids. Adults are just kids grown up, anyway.”

While Camp Rock didn’t market just to kids, I feel like they were in an “only kids are going to watch this so lets do a horrible job editing and being creative with it” mentality.

The Jo bros were cool tho.


I should make a bit of a disclaimer: I liked this movie. I thought it was pretty good. I just noticed things that went a bit wrong. I really liked the scene at the end when Demi and Joe go into the duet. It’s pretty sweet and they blend nicely. They would make a cute celeb couple.


Lessons Learned from Kids June 18, 2008

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My little cousins range from age 1.5 yrs to 7 years in one family. there are 4 of them. I spent pretty much the ENTIRE day with them today and I learned a lot, as I usually do. The first part of our trip consisted of driving to the movies to Kung Fu Panda.

Lesson 1.

Ask Questions if you don’t know.

My little cousin Kevin whom I have a special bond with, likes to talk. We go to the movies a lot and when he doesn’t understand things, he asks questions. I have to tell him to lower his voice but usually he just wants to know why a character is crying or he doesn’t understand what just happened. Asking questions gets you so far in life and you learn a lot from the answers you receive! 

Lesson 2:

Playing squish the lemon with 3 little kids and one 21 year old = all the little kids running off the slide when the 21 year old slides down it.

Apparently Big Kids, shouldn’t play games that involve squishing with little kids. UNLESS the little kids do all of the squishing. As soon as the taller/older person comes along the little kids run.

Lesson 3:

Picky Eating Makes You Really Hungry

Trying new things isn’t what my cousins like to do. So when we got Boston Market for dinner, they freaked out. Kevin got up and left the table only to come back 45 minutes later announcing that he didn’t eat dinner and was hungry. Well Kev that’s what you get for not trying new things. If you are going to be picky, you are probably going to be hungry.


All in all though, we had a blast. Movies, Swimming, Parks, Bonfires, and Smores. We had a lot of fun and the kids are some of the happiest kids I’ve ever met. I love learning things from those who are younger than me!


A Brief on the Tony’s and More LBTM June 17, 2008

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Mad Props to: In The Heights, South Pacific, August: Osage County, and Patti LuPone

Whoppie was a good host and it was entertaining. Of course I lived for watching the musical sequences. I also liked all my stars who were there supporting each other. I LOVE LOVE LOVED! seeing the casts of Rent Old and New there to see the show’s final TONY appearance (until maybe a revival *that kinda scares me*). Having Anthony Rapp introduce it was perfect and the Original Casts word’s were beautiful * I cried a bit*. While it was short, it was sweet.

All in all, Another Great Night at the Tony’s. While Xanadu walked away empty handed, I must say that I knew it was going to happen, even though I cheered for them. Can’t wait for next year.


We are still searching for the next Elle Woods. We are now down to 8 girls. The one EVERYONE and I mean that EVERYONE wanted to go home tonight (Cassie S.) Is still there. That worries me a lot.  I know that Bernie Tesley has everything under control, but you have to ask yourself; “What are the judges looking for?” Honestly? She was horrible. Ugh. Lauren is still on and I think she has great potential. I was VERY VERY impressed with Natalie tonight who really stepped up her game.

The Paul Canaan quote of the night is “That’s a HIT! *hit said in a high pitch voice and a knee slap*”

I really love him because he’s great. He had a lot of great quotes tonight but I think that this was the one I liked the best. Simply because it is totally Paul.

I really shouldn’t watch this show. I hate when they try to pick broadway stars from reality shows. Grease: You’re the One that I Want” was horrible! But I am watching this because I love the show and I really need to see who is replacing Laura Bell, because she has BIG shoes to fill. My sister and I watch it together. It’s like the only thing we can bond with because she’s not a big broadway fan, but I took her to see this show for her christmas gift and well we fell in love. Me moreso with Christian Borle then anything else, but Jerry Mitchell is great and does great work and the entire cast is wonderful. 

So yeah, there are my thoughts from this week. I gotta get to bed, after all my rehearsing tomorrow, I am taking my little cousin to see Kong Fu Panda. Should be fun!