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If Only… July 30, 2008

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The title is a song from the Little Mermaid on Broadway.

Why I titled this with that, Im not too sure. Maybe I’m having second thoughts or maybe I’m just nervous and scared.

The countdown is on… 15 days until I leave for Disney. I’m nervous and sacred… there I said it. I don’t want to leave. I do but I don’t. This is a great opportunity and I know I’ll make great friends and love every second of making magic for people, but I don’t want to leave this all behind.

My family and I are very very close. We do a lot together, even if its just watching tv or hanging outside by the pool. I don’t want to not be with them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s the hardest part of all this. It’s not like penn state where I can just drive 3hrs and be home. I can’t come home, unless something really bad happens. I’m in FL for four straight months. It’s scary and exciting and I don’t want to go.

You know how you don’t want to cry in front of people. I’ve been trying not to do that with my family these past few weeks and it’s just gonna keep happening. This pertains to my real family and my friends. I saw Kari in NYC and she’s graduating in December so I won’t see her. Kate’s graduating. I am missing my first Thespian show….I love those guys so much. I don’t think they realize how much they mean to me. Without them, I would be a college drop out. Seriously. All the Cru kids and the THON kids. I’m gonna miss them all these four months. It’s hard to just go somewhere you don’t know a single soul. It’s starting over again. Getting really homesick and all. It’s going to be hard.

So I’m packing and working on my vocals because that’s what I do. My juggling has been put aside and my voice has become priority. Mainly because of doctor reports, I hate doctors. If I could stop going to them, I would. 


So this is Ariel’s part from the IF ONLY Quartet that I’ve been working on. It really encompasses how I feel:

If only you could know 

the things I long to say

if only I could tell you 

what I wish I could convey

its in my every glance

my heart’s an open book

You’d see it all at once 

if only you would look


if only you could glimpse 

the feeling that I feel

if only you would notice

what I’m dying to reveal

The dreams I can’t declare

the needs I can’t deny

you’d understand them all 

if only you would try


all my secrets 

you would learn them

all my longings

you’d return them

then the silence

would be broken

not a word would need be spoken


If only it were true

if only for a while

if only you could notice

how I ache behind my smile


I guess you never will

I guess it doesn’t show

but if I never find a way to tell you so

Oh, what I would give

if only you could know


If only there were time

I know we’d kiss at last

But time keeps racing forward

and our moment’s almost past

it has to happen now

there’s only one more day until I have to go

oh what i would give

if only you could know


Oh Jonas! July 26, 2008

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The Jonas Brothers are playing Hershey right now. My cousin got to go. I wasn’t jealous at first. I love the Jo Bros more so because of how they are presenting themselves then because they  are cute and amazing. I like Kevin, he has a personality like me and Joe and Nick are cute. Frankie, well who wouldn’t love that kid?


So she calls me from the concert during the song Gotta Find You, Joe’s single from Camp Rock, and of course it goes into This Is Me with Demi Lovato *she’s touring with them*. I was a little jealous. I can only imagine the stunts they are pulling on the Burning Up Tour.


I wrote to them and sent my letters 3 separate letters to a contact at Hershey who said she would make sure they get it. Team Jonas, Mr. and mrs. Jonas, and the Jonas Brothers each got a letter. I basically what I write to the broadway stars I write to. Of course, each is specific to that person. Basically, I write telling them how much I appreciate what they do and the impact they have on people like me. I also tried to pull specifics for each brother. They really are an inspiration, the whole team. I just want to meet them because they seem like such fun guys! Love it! I don’t know if they got my letter. Maybe it was the only letter they got when they arrived. Who knows. I’m hoping they did though.


So I’m sitting by my phone waiting for my cousin to call me back during S.O.S, one of my favorite Jonas Brothers songs. 

Oh and for the record: Kevin Jonas is my favorite!


“It’s a Hiiit!” July 24, 2008

I was in my favorite city today!!! But not for Bailey’s premiere as Elle Woods. Obviously if I was I’d be waiting for her at the stage door.



Today I saw the Little Mermaid on Broadway. It was really good, even though I paid full price and my seats were obstructed view and no one told me *GRRRR*. Prince Eric *Sean Palmer* had an amazing voice! The star studded cast of Sheri Renee Scott, Norm Lewis, Titus Burgess, Johnathan Freedman, and others was great too…HOWEVER, Ariel’s understudy was in! SHE WAS AMAZING!!! Better than Sierra Bogess by far! Betsy Morgan YOU ROCKED today!!!! Sorry I didn’t stay and get your autograph! I waited and waited but no one was coming out and well…..I had to be somewhere else.



That somewhere else was The Palace Theatre. At 2 pm today Bailey took the stage as Elle Woods with her real opening performance to come later this evening at 8 pm. My mom and sister *though they didn’t see the show* headed over and got in line at the Stage Door with hopes that Bailey would come out. While she did not, others did. My sister was able to talk to Autumn and get some pics with her! She also chatted up the New UPS guy, some old star friends, and with Mr. Paul Canaan himself!!!!



Now you all know how much I love Paul. I was sooooo Jealous that my sister was able to meet, chat up, and get a pic with Paul Canaan one of our Fave Broadway Divas! I was at the Little Mermaid Stage Dooring when this happened…however I did catch a glimpse of the man before he headed back into the theatre. LOVE HIM!!! Here a conversation that happened between My Sister and Paul:

Alissa: Paul was the show a hit?

Paul: It was a Hiiiiiiit!

I’m jealous he did that for her and I wasn’t there to see it! I have stage doored LEgally Blonde 4 times and he has not come out…when my sister does and I don’t, he comes out. Sad day!!! He won’t be there when I go to see Bailey play Elle next week. He begins his workshops with Laura Bell Bundy.

Others who were seen by the fans this afternoon at The Palace Theatre:

The parents of all the new stars

Heather Hach

Mr. Bernie Telsey *who I hear was signing autographs*

I wish Bailey a Beautiful run in this show and have full faith in her.

For those of you who don’t know…. Autumn is in the show as Elle’s Understudy

Lauren and Rhiannon have joined the National Touring Cast so look for them at a city near you!


This Broadway Baby has to intern tomorrow so it’s off to bed for me! Thanks for reading!


And The Winner Is…. July 22, 2008

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BAILEY!!!! She was my second choice and my first going into Tonight’s show. I am so excited to see her on Broadway!!! BAILEY TOOK OVER THE STAGE TONIGHT!!!! She was beautiful and totally Elle. I cried!

I loved how their Families were there! I loved Jerry Mitchell and Paul!!!




A Tearful Farewell


Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle

Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle

I don’t know what the mood was like last night as Laura Bell Bundy hit her final note as Elle Woods in the Musical Legally Blonde, but I can guess that she got a standing ovation as well as tears from the cast members, production team, and audience members. In fact, she was probably crying herself.  


A little after 10:30 last night, Laura Bell Bundy took her final curtain call at the Palace Theatre. I am a bit sad that I did not get to see her perform one more time before she left, but I suppose three times and meeting her Twice is good enough for me. Maybe our paths will cross in the future, who knows really.



Rehearsal for Legally Blonde the Musical

Rehearsal for Legally Blonde the Musical

 I was searching You Tube to see if anyone was able to get a video of her speech or something, but nothing so far. I am nervous. I would love to hear what she said to her cast and crew on her final night. It might sound bad, but I like to emotion it creates. It shows the passion and love the cast member has for their job. It also shows the most important thing about theatre…Your Cast and Crew becomes your family and your best friends.  You are on stage with them for hours every day. You combine to create this form of live art that causes audiences to feel something they might not feel while watching tv or a movie. It’s real. It’s different.   Laura Bell was an artist. The way she played Elle was beautiful and inspiring. Her voice was amazing. In person, Laura is very much real and down to earth. She cares about he fans and loves talking to them. She appreciates that we appreciate her. She’ll talk and talk with you. Her body guards aren’t too nice but when she comes out she is sweet as pie and so much fun to be around. In talking with her about her role, she was very much excited about it. She loved the character of Elle and getting to create it. She told us about the cast and how much fun they have. 



   Laura Bell Bundy and our Broadway Diva Paul Canaan will be touring the country doing workshops in schools. They are both very excited about this. I actually was able to talk with her a little about it the second time I met her. She loves teaching younger girls and inspiring them to follow their dreams. Paul and Laura are pretty much best friends. They are amazing together and will be great in their workshops!!!   Best of luck to both of them! They are beautiful people and will be missed very much in the Legally Blonde cast. They are very talented and very inspiring.    Who will win Tonight’s Search for the Next Elle Woods???


Another Side of Me July 19, 2008

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So I have many sides. I have been called a horse of many colors. Sort of like the one in the Wizard of Oz. I grew up wanting to be one of the guys, i love sports, I’m an artist, I love theatre, and well…I’m a girl.

Now most girls have a need to be loved or told that they are loved. Today, however, the term “love” the idea of romance seems to be gone. So in a day where most girls drop all their standards for the first guy that notices them, I choose to hang on to the fantastic Mr. Darcy Idea of a man. I guess you can call me a romantic.

By now you are probably trying figure out why I let you in on another part of myself. It has to do with my cousin, who I tend to worry about a lot.

This week we were at the beach as a family. I love my family, but my cousin Kate and I just butt heads a lot. She’s about 5 months younger than me and totally boy crazy. She has always been boy crazy. So much infact, that she continues to hang around guys that continually break her heart over and over again. She just lets them walk all over her. Katie tells me “This guy really pissed me off. I’m not talking to him until he shapes up.” Then when we are down the beach, she decides to go over his house just to say hi. Ok, there’s nothing wrong about going to say hi. But if you are going to not talk to a guy to prove a point, you shouldn’t just waltz on over to say hi. It’s frustrates me because I want her to be happy and I want her to find a nice guy, but she always seems to find the jerks. Then I get dragged along to meet them or wait while she has long long conversations with them. Like I said, frustrating.

I guess it’s different. I mean I’m here waiting for a guy to come along, ask me on a few dates before even considering asking to be his girlfriend, a guy who likes to dance, smile, and doesn’t mind that I’m a juggler and artist(the acting kind). I like walking and enjoying simple things and music. I love music! Singing and dancing. Maybe my idea of the perfect guy, won’t happen. Well that’s not true. He exists somewhere, but I don’t know where. 

I know that we all have different ideas of the perfect guy/girl. The one you are supposed to be with forever. With the divorce rate being as high as it is today and so many people being unhappy in their marriages and so on, it’s hard to believe in the original idea of love. But I believe in it. I really really hope my cousin finds it. I mean we are 21 and I know that is young, but I have only had one real boyfriend and that ended badly. I have a best friend and while I would love to marry him, I know we are set to be on different paths and those paths may never cross. If I have learned one thing from him, is that there is someone out there who is like him who is going to love me for who I am and what I love and what I do.

So with that said…Here is the hopeless romantic in me. I love this side of me. Though at times it makes me depressed and unhappy, I know that my Perfect Man is somewhere out there.

And for those of you who are looking for a good movie about the Perfect Man try these:

The Wedding Date 


The Perfect Man (yes the one with Hil Duff)


One Episode Left! July 15, 2008

Ok so let’s talk about tonight’s Legally Blonde The Search For The Next Elle Woods.

WTF?!? Lauren went home?!? What was that all about? In my opinion, she gave it her all but because she is only 18 (only 1 year younger than Bailey) she got sent home? You’re too young??? That’s the only excuse they could give her? That’s not fair. Now I know what you all are going to say: “Life isn’t fair. Casting agencies are mean.” Her singing is amazing and she has been so dead on during the majority of the auditions. WTF?!?

I am VERY Disappointed because Rihannon can’t sing for her life while dancing and acting. Autumn isn’t even consistant. I really like Bailey but I LOVE Lauren. I am now cheering for Bailey.

UGH I don’t even want to talk about the show any more. My sister and I have seen Legally Blonde THe Musical 3 times and Lauren was the one who seemed the most capable of doing the show night after night. Bailey is our next hope but she’s no Lauren. 

I have no Paul Canaan quote tonight. He didn’t even talk that much this time. Still love you Paul!!!

Ugggh I’m so frustrated by this show. One time you look young and off you go while people who can’t sing and dance are still on the show and auditioning for a MUSICAL. WhAT THE HECK!?! I’ll never get it!