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“It’s a Hiiit!” July 24, 2008

I was in my favorite city today!!! But not for Bailey’s premiere as Elle Woods. Obviously if I was I’d be waiting for her at the stage door.



Today I saw the Little Mermaid on Broadway. It was really good, even though I paid full price and my seats were obstructed view and no one told me *GRRRR*. Prince Eric *Sean Palmer* had an amazing voice! The star studded cast of Sheri Renee Scott, Norm Lewis, Titus Burgess, Johnathan Freedman, and others was great too…HOWEVER, Ariel’s understudy was in! SHE WAS AMAZING!!! Better than Sierra Bogess by far! Betsy Morgan YOU ROCKED today!!!! Sorry I didn’t stay and get your autograph! I waited and waited but no one was coming out and well…..I had to be somewhere else.



That somewhere else was The Palace Theatre. At 2 pm today Bailey took the stage as Elle Woods with her real opening performance to come later this evening at 8 pm. My mom and sister *though they didn’t see the show* headed over and got in line at the Stage Door with hopes that Bailey would come out. While she did not, others did. My sister was able to talk to Autumn and get some pics with her! She also chatted up the New UPS guy, some old star friends, and with Mr. Paul Canaan himself!!!!



Now you all know how much I love Paul. I was sooooo Jealous that my sister was able to meet, chat up, and get a pic with Paul Canaan one of our Fave Broadway Divas! I was at the Little Mermaid Stage Dooring when this happened…however I did catch a glimpse of the man before he headed back into the theatre. LOVE HIM!!! Here a conversation that happened between My Sister and Paul:

Alissa: Paul was the show a hit?

Paul: It was a Hiiiiiiit!

I’m jealous he did that for her and I wasn’t there to see it! I have stage doored LEgally Blonde 4 times and he has not come out…when my sister does and I don’t, he comes out. Sad day!!! He won’t be there when I go to see Bailey play Elle next week. He begins his workshops with Laura Bell Bundy.

Others who were seen by the fans this afternoon at The Palace Theatre:

The parents of all the new stars

Heather Hach

Mr. Bernie Telsey *who I hear was signing autographs*

I wish Bailey a Beautiful run in this show and have full faith in her.

For those of you who don’t know…. Autumn is in the show as Elle’s Understudy

Lauren and Rhiannon have joined the National Touring Cast so look for them at a city near you!


This Broadway Baby has to intern tomorrow so it’s off to bed for me! Thanks for reading!


Still Searching for the Next Elle Woods June 12, 2008

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Well week two has passed and we are down to 9 girls. 

All I really have to say about the episode is that, these shows have to be staged (no pun intended). I mean, they all seem to want it, but you can tell the ones that really want it. Sometimes I ask myself, “If they really knew what these people were like when they aren’t on stage, would they really want them in the show?”

I have Paul Canaan’s quote of the night. It is a serious one and it’s something that rings true for everyone who wants to be in show business. Mr. Canaan says to one of the girls, “I want to see that vaulnerability. I want to see those levels of your soul.”

With that I ask what eight will be standing after next week. We shall see.