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Thoughts on Obama January 20, 2009

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I try to stay out of Politics. They make me uneasy and there is something about them that just turns me off completely. Maybe it’s because I see how they tear people apart and cause people to fight, over what they think is right. We all have different thoughts on that.

Today I saw a photo of Obama in the Newspaper. A Local one. He was wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up and he was just talking, pointing to something. I placed this image in my mind and remembered seeing it countless times during the fall. Obama with his sleeves rolled up. Almost like he is saying he is ready to get to work. He is normal like us and has to roll his sleeves up to get to work. It’s a very powerful image to me.

Today being a huge day in Washington, D.C., I figure I should place my thoughts on Mr. Obama. I think he is good for this country. He is not flaunting the fact that he is the First African American president in our faces, he is taking this step as an honor. He will tell us that he will do his best as President and for once, I believe him. I know that things will not change right away, but I think that in the long run we will see a difference.

What I wouldn’t give to sit down and just have coffee with Mr. Obama. To know what he is thinking, feeling, and just to experience him as a real human being. Politicians often get a bad rep. I think we miss judge some of them. We judge them because we don’t know them. We only know what they tell us and sometimes we don’t believe them.

Mr. Obama,

I wish you all the best as President. I hope that you make the best of these next four years. I know that you will do this country a lot of good. I am anxious to see what changes will be made and how they will relate to me. Though I have not followed you through your entire race to the White House, I am finding that your Hope is contagious. That there is something more to believe in. I thank you for bringing the morale of the United STates back up and pray that you can keep it that way. All best Mr. President!