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The Snow Bunny is back so soon! January 15, 2009

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Well it picked up snowing today. It was freezing. I think it was about 5 degrees this morning. Seriously. COLD! Having Tai Chi at 8am is so hard in the cold. It makes my Chi cold and that’s not good. My Chi should be nice and warm when it comes out.

Anyways I was walking home from dinner with my Thespian Little tonight and I was watching the snowfall again. This time I was sans music. Just my thoughts and I. Then I noticed it.

I was surprised at myself for never noticing this before! The snow was glittering. It was like a million little diamonds were falling from the sky, sticking to buildings and sidewalks. Everything it touched was dazzling. I suppose this has a little bit to do with the fact that I have been reading the Twilight Saga and everyone knows that Edward glitters and dazzles people. Tonight, though, it was strictly about the snow. It was beautiful and breathtaking. I love the snow. THe light dusting it made, which is to turn into 2-4 inches by morning, was fun to slide in and make footprints. It’s not that Disney snow, that’s for sure. That snow doesn’t sparkle. 

I was doing a lot of thinking today. Wondering why I like CMLit classes. Then I realized it’s because we read and analyze the books. I like doing that. However, I like doing it on my own terms with genres that I know I will like. I’m not a huge fan of my Film and Lit class. I hate the genre we are studying. It’s not interesting to me. I would be much better off in the English Novel to Austen class. I have my Senior Check Out tomorrow so I will work something out with my advisor. I hope. I either want to take that or Shakespeare’s Contemporaries. I think that would be a good class and I’ve had that professor before too. 

I was also thinking about other things. Why college kids are the way they are….or at least the majority of the ones here. Also, about the future. I think instead of the Apartment guide that is for free on the street corners, they should have a Job Guide. Local jobs or ones in the surrounding areas. It would help us college kids out a lot. 

I am at a loss of what I am going to do this weekend. I am supposed to go home, but if I go home I may be tempted to attend a performance that I know would be bad for my health. Being that it may break my heart a little. However, if I do go home, I shouldn’t ignore the performance or the performer. After all, this is his newest show. Sigh, what to do.

Anyways I should probably go. I am trying to finish Breaking Dawn before classes get into full swing and I have no time.

Until later.


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