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Jonas Craze and Dizzy Me Up January 27, 2009

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The latest from those amazing talented group of young men called THe Jonas Brothers is their New Year’s Resolution: To become more connected with their fans in 2009. Some of you may be asking yourself how they are planning on doing that, and trust me on this one, the boys won’t execute unless they have a plan. And Plan they Had. Just this weekend the Brothers launched their Fan Family Experience Website. This website serves as a community for Jonas fans across the world! It also serves as the biggest advertising ploy for the guys and everything they have planned this year including their World Tour. Smart smart boys are they! Now I love the boys, the band, and the family like I know them *and I only know them about as well as most of you fans* and so naturally I am on the site and I even created a few groups! I’m all for promoting bands that deserve to be promoted. Groups that write their own music and display their own talents. These boys do just that. So if you are a huge fan or just interested in checking out what the boys are doing to connect with their fans, you can visit:  and sign up! Go ahead and give a look see. You won’t be disappointed!


Now for the second part of my post called Dizzy Me Up. Some of you may know and most of you may not, that I have been fighting a losing battle with doctors for the past year and a half. I go to them with my ails and to no avail. I have found out though that last spring I had Mono, not sure how and it was a small case *thank You Lord!*, I’m still allergic to meat, and I still have asthma and eczema. What they have not found out is why I get weak, moody, dizzy, and more. I had a few bruises that were rather prominent and I had them checked, and my blood cells are a good count so no immediate threat of cancer there. I did however have a pre-cancerous skin cancer spot thing, and they took that out and so far I’m still in good health. So what is wrong with me? Why are there days when I feel spectacular and days when I hate everything? Why do I have days where getting out of bed is the absolute worst thing in the world and the room won’t stop spinning and I Haven’t moved yet? I am beginning to think the answer to my question is more simple than it should be. In fact, it is so simple that the doctors have bypassed it because according to the tests I was getting annually until about the age of 16, there was no sign of it in my body. 

Diabetes. There are many sympotoms and they come in many forms. It runs in my family through my father and the doctors would never think to test me for it. So with the help of a friend who suggested to me that I may have a good number of the symptoms,  I have requested a test upon my next visit. I am scared out of my mind. More so than when I went to get tested for possible forms of cancer. But everything is slowly coming together. It could be that I am just dwelling, or it could be that the pieces are actually coming together. Who knows? No one until I get the test.

I am going home in a few weeks and am hoping to have it done then. It will come at the worst possible time because the results will come in just in time for my 22nd birthday. I’m nervous.


That’s all I got today. I promise to keep you all posted on what happens! Hopefully more will happen with the Jonas Brothers and my mind will be kept away from the scariness of getting more bloodwork done.

Until next time!


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