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A Tearful Farewell July 22, 2008


Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle

Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle

I don’t know what the mood was like last night as Laura Bell Bundy hit her final note as Elle Woods in the Musical Legally Blonde, but I can guess that she got a standing ovation as well as tears from the cast members, production team, and audience members. In fact, she was probably crying herself.  


A little after 10:30 last night, Laura Bell Bundy took her final curtain call at the Palace Theatre. I am a bit sad that I did not get to see her perform one more time before she left, but I suppose three times and meeting her Twice is good enough for me. Maybe our paths will cross in the future, who knows really.



Rehearsal for Legally Blonde the Musical

Rehearsal for Legally Blonde the Musical

 I was searching You Tube to see if anyone was able to get a video of her speech or something, but nothing so far. I am nervous. I would love to hear what she said to her cast and crew on her final night. It might sound bad, but I like to emotion it creates. It shows the passion and love the cast member has for their job. It also shows the most important thing about theatre…Your Cast and Crew becomes your family and your best friends.  You are on stage with them for hours every day. You combine to create this form of live art that causes audiences to feel something they might not feel while watching tv or a movie. It’s real. It’s different.   Laura Bell was an artist. The way she played Elle was beautiful and inspiring. Her voice was amazing. In person, Laura is very much real and down to earth. She cares about he fans and loves talking to them. She appreciates that we appreciate her. She’ll talk and talk with you. Her body guards aren’t too nice but when she comes out she is sweet as pie and so much fun to be around. In talking with her about her role, she was very much excited about it. She loved the character of Elle and getting to create it. She told us about the cast and how much fun they have. 



   Laura Bell Bundy and our Broadway Diva Paul Canaan will be touring the country doing workshops in schools. They are both very excited about this. I actually was able to talk with her a little about it the second time I met her. She loves teaching younger girls and inspiring them to follow their dreams. Paul and Laura are pretty much best friends. They are amazing together and will be great in their workshops!!!   Best of luck to both of them! They are beautiful people and will be missed very much in the Legally Blonde cast. They are very talented and very inspiring.    Who will win Tonight’s Search for the Next Elle Woods???


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