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4 Girls Left July 8, 2008

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So tonight was a pretty good episode of LBSFTNEW. 

Someone asked me: why are they searching for a replacement for Laura Bell Bundy? Well, she has other plans and is ending her run with the show. She might be back at a later date, but right now she has better things to do. As for Legally Blonde, if you watched tonight’s episode, Laura said that it has been the time of her life. She also said that she learned a lot about herself through being Elle Woods.

So for this episode I do not have a Paul Canaan quote. You looked beautiful again tonight Paul and I guess the quote for tonight would have to be, “That’s what I call, a Hiiiiiiiiiit!” Love it.

2 of the girls went blonde and Bailey cried when her hair was cut like 2 inches. I don’t understand why girls do that.

WHY DID THEY PUT ANDY KARL IN CHRISTIAN BORLE’S ROLE?!?!?! It’s not the same!!!!!!!!!! Christian whyyyy? For those of you who don’t know, Christian is one of my fave broadway leading men. He is beautiful, quirky, and has a great voice. He also loves comic books. I dunno, the song Legally Blonde isn’t the same without Christian’s voice in it.

Natalie got sent home.*sigh* I think she had something more than Riahannon. I really don’t like Riahannon. She needs to go home. Like Now.

As for the girls that are left. I like 2 out of 4. Bailey and Lauren. I’m seriously rooting for Lauren. She is the most like Laura Bell and very much like Elle Woods. I totally see it and I think she is going to nail the audition next week. GO LAUREN!!

So until next week….


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