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One Episode Left! July 15, 2008

Ok so let’s talk about tonight’s Legally Blonde The Search For The Next Elle Woods.

WTF?!? Lauren went home?!? What was that all about? In my opinion, she gave it her all but because she is only 18 (only 1 year younger than Bailey) she got sent home? You’re too young??? That’s the only excuse they could give her? That’s not fair. Now I know what you all are going to say: “Life isn’t fair. Casting agencies are mean.” Her singing is amazing and she has been so dead on during the majority of the auditions. WTF?!?

I am VERY Disappointed because Rihannon can’t sing for her life while dancing and acting. Autumn isn’t even consistant. I really like Bailey but I LOVE Lauren. I am now cheering for Bailey.

UGH I don’t even want to talk about the show any more. My sister and I have seen Legally Blonde THe Musical 3 times and Lauren was the one who seemed the most capable of doing the show night after night. Bailey is our next hope but she’s no Lauren. 

I have no Paul Canaan quote tonight. He didn’t even talk that much this time. Still love you Paul!!!

Ugggh I’m so frustrated by this show. One time you look young and off you go while people who can’t sing and dance are still on the show and auditioning for a MUSICAL. WhAT THE HECK!?! I’ll never get it!


One Response to “One Episode Left!”

  1. Dani Says:

    I was loving Lauren tonight–she seemed the most genuinely Elle-like of the girls left with her personality–but then, she also seemed the most “teen” of the girls left, and thus not a plausible law school graduate in the end. I too was thinking during her performance “she seems suuuper young tonight.” She’ll be bacl with a vengeance in a couple years, I’ve no doubt.

    I enjoy Autumn and Bailey and I expect the head-to-head to come down to them; as funny as Rhiannon is, I can’t imagine them keeping her when it’s well-established that she gets winded easily and loses steam. Barring a major misstep, I’m predicting a Bailey win.

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