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To Put Thoughts Down August 9, 2008

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I need to put some thoughts down: 

I copyright these thoughts because I am in the process of turning them into a song or poem…. Comment as you wish on them!


What a day I had Today

nothing turned out right

It started off just fine

and took a turn with one fight


I’m at a loss for words

I don’t have any breath

I’m frustrated with this feeling

Do you where I’m at?


But you told me just wait

You said things will be just fine

Rough todays bring better tomorrows


And cracked a joke 

then told me just to smile

Cause rough todays

can show us how to be a light


I need to know more details

Please tell me what is wrong

I can’t just sit here any more


I’m so tired of being this

I’m so sick of being sick

I need to do something right


And you said it takes some time

that it all will turn out right

Rough todays bring better tomorrows


So help me just to smile

and help me pass the time

Cause rough todays

can always turn out bright


Might call it Rough Todays

It def needs more work but I had a rough today. I’m so tired of taking meds and using cremes. I just want it all to go away. But life is life and a ton of people have it worse them me.


So let me make you smile

and let me tell you its alright

Cause rough Todays

show us how to be a light.