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Squished Dreams July 1, 2009

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So we all have those dreams of marrying that famous star that we love and adore. While I knew I did not have a shot, I dunno there was always hope. Anyways my dreams of winning the heart of a particular star was crushed today when Mr. and Mrs. Jonas announced via the Jonas Brothers Facebook group that their eldest son Paul Kevin Jonas had asked his girlfriend Danielle to marry him and she happily said yes.

While I am most happy that Kevin has found someone to share forever with, I am a little sad inside. I also think that they are very young to be getting married, unless they are planning a few years of engagement. While I believe whole heartedly that Kevin would not have asked Danielle unless he was sure that they could spend forever together, I am still scared and worried. I will just have faith that God will strengthen their relationship and make it last. I would hate to see Kevin go through a divorce and have the media all up in his business.

Wow this post is sort of depressing. Oh well, I’m sorry K-Train for sounding so melodramatic, but you are not even my age and I haven’t had a boyfriend in years, yet alone thought about marriage. Since my hands are tied in this matter, I am handing it over to the Lord.

Best Wishes Kevin and Danielle. Have a blast planning an amazing wedding!

Kev and Danielle they are cute together!

Kev and Danielle they are cute together!


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