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Social Vibe + WordPress= Make A Difference! June 16, 2009

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As you all know, I am very passionate about finding ways to change the world. I love charities and charity events! I love raising money for good causes!

WordPress and Social Vibe have teamed up to help bloggers raise money for charities. While there are only a select number of charities there is probably one that you can relate to or are passionate about. I chose To Write Love On Her Arms an organization that serves as a crisis and suicide prevention organization. It is very popular with lots of young teens taking action through it. You can help support this organization that I have chosen by clicking the link on the side.

So what are you waiting for? All you bloggers out there using WordPress get this widget and support a charity! It’s time to make a difference.

“There’s power in all of the choices we make. So I’m starting right now there’s not a moment to waste.” ~ Send It On lyrics


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