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Night At The Museum ~ IMAX May 22, 2009

So this morning I took my little cousin Kevin to see Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian at 10 am. We somehow managed just to make the movie, only to find out it started late. It started so late that they only played one preview…for Harry Potter 6! I am really excited about that movie, but on to this one…

I can never justify paying for movies these days. $10 is crazy let alone the costs of snacks. Today I payed $7 just for a medium sized bag of movie popcorn…next time I’m popping my own. On top of that the IMAX movie costs $15.50 for adults and $12.50 for kids. Really? $28 for a movie? Going to the movies has become a luxury item these days. I remember when you could get in under $5. These days, the movies are rip offs, especially if the movie stinks.

Now that I have you thinking that the movie stinks, I’m going to say that it didn’t stink. I haven’t seen the first movie so I had no expectations. In fact, I thought that the first movie sounded dumb. However, this is the movie Kevin wanted to see and he wanted to see it in IMAX. I love the IMAX experience even if I can’t justify paying for it. You can pickup every detail of the movie…there was even an IMAX theatre in the movie *look for it!*

I realize this movie has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. I read one today that said that the actors were horrible because they seemed to be looking at nothing which, for the most part, is what they were doing because when they were filming half the stuff wasn’t really there. However, I would beg to differ. I will admit that I hated parts of this movie. But the majority of it I loved simply because it served its purpose. For the hour and forty five minutes this movie ran, I actually was able to let my imagination wander on the thought of a museum coming alive. I found this an extremely interesting thought. I also am a fan of movies that teach life lessons, even if it is cheesy. This life lesson: Do what you love with people you love to do it with.

J.M. Barrie hit the nail on the head when he invited kids to see a performance of Peter Pan, knowing that the adults would not be able to appreciate it without being able to see the show through the eyes of a child. Sometimes I think that movie critics need to remember this. Of course you wouldn’t like it if you knew all the magic behind the movie and scrutinized every movement of the actors. Relax and watch the story unfold. Learn to laugh and open your mind up. Take a child with you for crying out loud. True, this twenty-something-year-old girl would have liked the movie even if I went with friends my own age, but that’s because I have the mind of 5 year old. I love to believe in magic. But sometimes I think we miss the purpose of things.

The purpose of this movie was to entertain. It was to make us laugh and let our imaginations run wild for a little bit. It wasn’t meant to mirror real life. ¬†Therefore, I give this movie 4 out of 4 stars.

I could have done without the love story, however, Amy Adams was great *she always is*. I also loved the appearance by the Jonas Brothers as Cherubs. They were even able to sing a little bit of Love Bug. Also, stay tuned at the end of the movie for an extra little clip and to hear the Jonas Brothers song for the movie Fly With Me!

Did you see the movie? Let me know your thoughts!


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