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GLEE ~ For the Love of It May 20, 2009

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So I just watched GLEE with about half of America. I am simply at a loss for words. GLEE was AMAZING! Of course FOX will make us wait until September to see this show. They are some smart cookies those people at FOX. Since the ratings drop with 24 this past season, FOX needed something to stir up its audiences. Why not combine Musical Theatre and TV? But wait! We will premiere the show at the end of the Spring TV season and use it as a kick off to SWEEPS in the fall! They really are some very smart cookies! They also want YOU to tell YOUR friends to check out the first episode of GLEE all summer long on

So why did I like GLEE? Here are a few reasons:

GLEE puts everything I could never have into a show. My school never had a show choir, however, that was the one thing I’ve always wanted to be a part of. Because I never had experience in a show choir I was too chicken to join one in College, even though I know most of the people in it *Shout out to those SINGING LIONS!*, I still couldn’t do it. I think it’s the one thing I regret. I would love to go back to my high school now and start one. I would need some help though, but I know I’d be able to find it. I was never really a jock and I never really fit in anywhere. I can relate a lot of the characters of Rachel and Mr. Schuester. I feel like an outsider a lot. However, I find absolute joy and I am most happy when I am preforming. GLEE has many definitions, but it mostly means joy or happiness. So this show is perfect for that. 

It relates at a wide audience. This is not a show that is going to bring in Women between the ages of 18-49, which is the demographic most sitcoms seem to be going towards these days. This is a show that is going to draw teenagers, college kids, and adults together. This is a show that is going to bring together not only the theatre lovers but people who love to watch a good sitcom. 

SHOW TUNES! OK so maybe there aren’t going to be too many show tunes. But the fact that there are musical theatre artists in the show and scheduled to guest star on the show, I am extremely PUMPED! Finally, everyone will be able to get a taste of what I love about performing arts! Show tunes are goofy, but that doesn’t mean the people who sing them are. Well, I consider myself goofy, but if you look at the people in the performing arts lifestyle, most of them are doing it because they are passionate about it. Some are doing it because it’s all they have ever known, and that’s ok too. But the majority of performers perform because its what makes them happy, it is their passion. When was the last time you did something that you were extremely passionate about? I’m serious. If you are passionate about math and you love accounting…do it! Don’t just settle for the first thing that comes your way and makes you miserable. It’s a lot like a relationship. Hey! I think GLEE is going somewhere with this…

But I won’t spoil the show for everyone. I will simply suggest that you head on over to and watch the first episode and decide for yourself.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be pulling our hair out in anticipation for the fall season of GLEE!


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