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Am I Marketable? March 13, 2009

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I’m not going to lie:

As my college graduation nears in this dreadful economy I often ask myself if I will be able to find a job upon graduation. I seem to have a good resume, I have an idea of what I want to do in the working world and I have been told I have a great personality. I am hard working and tend to love most of the things that I do. I also love people! 

So am I marketable?

I believe so. 

What makes me marketable? Just about everything!

The most important thing that makes me marketable is personality. I am hardworking, independent and a team player, I love learning new things and trying new things, I am a people person and for the most part, I am happy. I believe in building relationships with people. I love life. I think it’s beautiful and while I don’t know exactly what I want to do, I know what I want to try.

I worked for Disney. I LOVE Disney. I think it’s a great company to work for. Aside from learning that your boss can be your friend, I learned great work ethic  and amazing customer service. I learned how much fun it can be doing something that you love and how happy you can be in the working world. Sure, it was hard. It had it’s ups and downs, so does life. 

I’m a Social! I just recently got into social networking BIG time! I am on Twitter and I am addicted to Twitter. I love talking with people and learning from them. In fact, one of my friends showed me an awesome website to help me build my own website (not one on iWeb haha). It’s great! 

I love to think outside the box. I sort of learned the from Disney too. Always find new ways to make your day and the guest experience different and fun! I love being creative. I like to write fiction, play pretend, draw, and come up with new ideas. It may take me a while and i may need some inspiration, but I love being creative!

 I like to organize, read, and write. I love talking to people and smiling. 

I have one goal in life: to make people smile.

So it may take some work. I will need to search high and low. I will need to talk to a lot of people. 

I will find the job that is right for me. I may have to take a job or two that I hate. I may have to go and learn new things. But I will do what I love to do!

So if you are graduating or in college and asking yourself if you are marketable…think of your assets. You may find yourself more marketable than you think!


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