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Much Needed Break March 7, 2009

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Today I started Spring Break. Actually, I started last night, but Tai Chi class is for credit so technically I had one class this morning.

So I headed home after class around 9 am. Stopped for my Grande Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato and hit the road. It’s about 2.5 hrs from school to home and with tunes like Jonas Brothers, Finding Nemo The Musical, Matt Nathanson, and Tyalor Swift. Oh, and some HSM3 to sing along to! I had a grand old time.

I finally got home and unpacked everything. Mom came by and we went to lunch with an old friend. Then I headed over to the dentist (after brushing my teeth of course). However, the dentist was less than thrilling. I have 4 cavities that needed to be filled. Of course they only got to two. After 5 numb needles, I was still not enough to make me not feel the pain. I have to go back. I HATE THE DENTIST! sigh.

I really needed this break. I have been swamped with work and trying to find a job is just crazy. I can excited to relax, causally catch up on work and job search without the extra school stress. I’m glad that the weather is going to be nice at least for the weekend. Since my plans to go back to Disney fell through, this is nice. I wish I was going to Disney, but I can’t so there’s no use crying over it. I am glad that I can spend time with my family and maybe a few of my friends.

I promise to write about something interesting in the coming days of relazation.


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