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The S.O.S dance in 3D!! March 3, 2009

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So I have been busy and stressed to say the very least. Life has been a little crazy. So I’ll try to give a rundown of important things as fast as I can!

Friday: JONAS BROTHERS 3D!!!! Had to drive to Altoona. Got a speeding ticket. It was a little depressing. But it was super fun! Being able to see Kevin do his S.O.S. dance in 3D was CLASSIC! Love the dance K-Train! Yeah so Katie and I like chilled and relaxed and had a blast with only 10 ppl in the theater….but the line for the next show was CRAZY!

Also Friday night I spent time with my cousin who was up here visiting a friend. We all had dinner and it was great! Saturday I saw them again for breakfast. Then I came back here and WORKED WORKED WORKED on my papers ALLLLLLL DAY! I didn’t get much done on the papers, but I did make a study guide for my exam that was on Monday.

Saturday night I had my Semi Formal for the PSU THespians… it was ok. Not like the others I have been to.

Sunday I went to Starbucks and the Library and spent the ENTIRE (seriously) ENTIRE day working on my papers. I got 3 pages of each paper done! I really wish teachers wouldn’t cram everything in around Spring Break.

The stress is almost gone now. I am writing the last two pages of the Big paper due on Thursday right now. I will hopefully finish that today and be able to do a bibliography for it tomorrow. my other papers aren’t due until Friday so I have plenty of time to finish them. I only have to write 2 pgs double spaced for them. 

With Rainbowfish rehearsals and all the drama surrounding our club right now, things are a little bit crazy. Hopefully things will get better soon!

SPRING BREAK is in a few days!!! I can’t wait to go home!