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Who’s Your Favorite Jo Bro? February 21, 2009

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LOVE IT!!! Was at THON from 4-12 and am going back in about 1 hr. I am on call for about 6 dancers if they need anything at all and I LOVE IT!!! Nothing like being an ex moraler, shunned THON member because you were away for a semester. No hard feelings THON!!!

I am loving the fact that I will sleep ALLLL DAYYYY tomorrow and go back to THON at night and staying until the end. I have one more shift on Camera for the Webcast so check it out at 

I have entered the Jonas Brothers Raffle and hope to win! Also, I have learned the line dance and visited many dancers on the Floor. This year looks super promising! I can’t wait til our Family and my actual family come tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

Here are some pics so far…


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