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Where Do We Go From Here? February 19, 2009

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So tonight was a little emotional. I was talking to my mom and she asked me about my facebook status which currently states: Lauren is hoping she is dong the right thing, but isn’t sure. 

What did I mean?

I meant I have no idea where I want to go after Graduation in May. I LOVED working for Disney and would give everything to work for them again. I need to network more down there which is hard to do up here. There is a summer alumni program for the College Program and it’s working in the parks which would give me more opportunity to experience Disney as a company and I would love to do that, it would just be hard for me to be away from my family again for another summer. Miss another family experience. I already missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I don’t want to miss any more. I know that I have to grow up and move on and do my own thing, but I love my family so much. I feel like all the time I have with them is precious. I wish we could relocate to Florida…all of us, grandparents included. But that will not happen. 

I know I want to work with videography and editing. I love doing that kind of stuff. Mixing music for videos, making video blogs, and I love learning about it. I feel like I haven’t had enough opportunities to do that. I am now learning photoshop on my own. 

I love to write! I am working on a novel and I love writing, especially about Disney and Love. I love doing character analysis studies and so on. 

I love singing and acting and I would love to perform somewhere…anywhere. I LOVE performing. I am currently in the Children’s show as RAINBOW FISH!!! I am excited. It’s something I love to do. I also love technical theatre work. I’m not advanced in it, but I love it. I know how to build sets and how to dress a mic. 

How do you put all of this on a resume? How do you market yourself like this? How do you tell people who you are? How do you find a good job in a market like this that is something that you LOVE to do? 

So many questions, I wish I had answers.

Until then, I’ll be searching and trying to figure out what I want from life. I know one thing, I just want to be happy.


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