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A Love Like That February 18, 2009

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So I have been bothered by the whole Twilight Series over one simple fact. Since I have to be at class soon I will try to sum it up quickly on here.

I cannot comprehend Edward’s love for Bella. It has bothered me so much. However, in finishing the books and seeing the film many times over this past weekend, I am finding that I am beginning to compare the love of vampires as Eternal Love. At least in the Cullen’s sense. When you look at it: Carlise’s love for Esme, Emmett’s for Rosalie or rather Rosalie’s for Emmett, Alice’s love for Jasper…..they are these super strong bonds. Eternal love.

One thing that is sticking out to me is two scenes from the movie:

The first is when we first are introduced to the Cullen children…When Alice is introduced Jasper lightly twirls her as if showing her off. What a big statement about their relationship. We see that they are comfortable with each other. We also see how each of them look at each other. With such love and care and knowing. It’s amazing.

The next scene is when they are in the car taking Bella out of Forks, Alice places her hand out at the same time that Jasper grabs to reach it. It’s not a grab motion at all. In fact, it’s as if they were fitting two pieces of a puzzle together. It’s crazy.

I just cannot fathom this eternal, everlasting, unbreaking love that the Cullen family has.

I can sort of fathom it if it relate it to God’s everlasting love for us. And maybe that’s how I am supposed to see it. As a sign, a huge note. But to see it in a real fiction character….It makes me want to believe that it’s real when everything I have experienced tells me it’s not. What does one do? This unbelievable sense of love. What does one do with it?


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