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Watching February 16, 2009

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So I saw Twilight 3 times this weekend. Thursday, Saturday, and tonight. Each night I noticed something different each time.

For example: I noticed that James says to Waylen “Nice Jacket” and after Waylen is dead, James wears the jacket for the rest of the movie.

I noticed small things: things on Bella’s walls, Edwards moment of vulnerability, and so on. 

It was interesting. While I think the movie is horrible in the technical sense, like the book, I still love the story and the characters are played well. Bella could be a little more dynamic, but K Stew is K Stew and well not that great.

I love Rob though. I think he does a good Edward. Especially because he chooses to use facial expressions to convey Edward’s feelings. Edward is not very good at expressing his real feelings. It’s interesting. Edward’s character is something I would like to encounter in real life. I want to be amazed at his mere personality. There’s a line in the movie that sticks with me. Bella has just revealed the fact that she realizes he’s a vampire. He shows her all the things that make him the world’s greatest predator. Bella tells him she’s not afraid. The following conversation ensues:

Edward: I can’t read your mind. You have to tell me what you’re thinking.

Bella: Now I’m afraid.

Edward: Good.

Bella: I’m not afraid of you. I’m afraid of losing you. I, I just feel like you’re going to disappear again.

Edward: You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.

Unreal. I can’t fathom it. And it happens. I have friends who can prove that something like this happens! Not vampire human love, but love in the purest sense. Love at first sight. Love love love. 

And I wonder…How long will I have to wait? How many decades? I’m not immortal. So how long?


One Response to “Watching”

  1. '86 Rabbit Says:

    I agree with you about Edward’s facial expressions. I love how they work in a little Midnight Sun in the cafeteria scene. We can see his confusion, and later his frustration, over not being able to read Bella’s mind. At the police station we can see that he and Carlisle are having a private conversation. It’s amazing to me how wonderful the subtleties of this movie are, and yet the big obvious stuff isn’t always so good.

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