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What a Day. February 14, 2009

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I’m watching Casino Royal right now and the opening sequences are amazing! They did such a great job with it. I really like this movie for that reason. I have to keep from commenting on it because I am watching it with her friend and he beau. But it really is sheer genius. 

Today was better than yesterday. I was productive in my outside of school activities. I finished Breaking Dawn, was a bit disappointed but that’s life I suppose. It was a good series though, bad writing, good story. I also did a lot of writing with my story. I wrote another two-three pages because I was so inspired. I really have to get other opinions on this story. I need to make sure it flows and that it works. I edit a lot. That’s good I think.

I need to get my school work done but it’s really boring. It doesn’t interest me. I’m sure tired of it. Maybe something will become interesting I’m not sure. I am noticing a lot of things in movies now that I have two film and lit classes. For example the filmography for Casino Royal is unbelievable. The filmography for Twilight is not so good. I hope the new director is better. 

So my dad is better. I’ve had a lot of reflection time, thinking time. I have been able to reevaluate things. I know I am going to be just fine. It’s just hard.

I have to go and relax. I am singing the National Anthem tomorrow at an ice hockey game here at school.


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