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“That girl has been nearly impossible to find…” February 11, 2009

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“But worth every second of the wait.” Julian ~One Tree Hill to Brooke

Today is my 22nd birthday. I have been a little down in the dumps about it because nothing special is here to look forward to. I spent my birthday weekend at home and everything was grand, but now it’s just back to the grind. School is so different this semester. People aren’t around, life is generally dull. I have to find ways to get out of my apartment but I can’t because I have so much work! 

I am going to dinner tonight that’s a plus. But I got to thinking today about who I am. I am single but I want to be loved. I have a need for strong arms to wrap around me and while they are not here, I cannot wait until they get here. My Mr. Right is no where around at the moment and yes I want him to hurry up, but I know that he will be worth the wait. THis is because I am still growing. I am strong and I know what I want from life. I am learning. I love learning. I want to start training for a marathon. I want to see the world. I am smart and funny and when I’m in a good mood, I can be amazing! I am different. I think Differently and I LOVE to smile. I smile at strangers and it makes them smile! I say good morning to strangers too. That’s fun!

But I’m still learning who I am and at 22….how much of yourself can you know? I love being me. I don’t think I could be anyone else. 

So as I sit here. A woman. A writer. An artist. An Actor. A Broadcast Production major. A stranger. A Friend. A sister. A cousin. A person. I am realizing that I have a lot more growing up to do and all my fears are just silly.

“You can’t catch me and make me a man.” Peter Pan

and you can’t. I’m catchable at this moment in life.

So here’s to being 22. A new year of beautiful life to enjoy! Thank you friends for celebrating today with me! Lets celebrate everyday!


One Response to ““That girl has been nearly impossible to find…””

  1. Otto Mann Says:

    Happy birthday! Hope the next 22 are better than the first!

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