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Completely Capable. February 9, 2009

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So a little run down. The weekend was amazing! I got back to school in time for the AIDS benefit and all the kids did great! I’m super proud of you guys and gals! I am blessed with such talented friends. I tired to catch up on my homework when I got back from that around ohhhhh 10pm. But alas, the Grammy’s were on and I sat glued. 

The Jonas Brothers, aka the boys, gave a Wonderful performance with Stevie Wonder…I love them all! Even you Stevie! Being around such talent is just….wow. To know that it’s capable in this world is just amazing. In a world where computers do our mindless work and we walk around like drones….it’s just nice to know that there are people out there putting their talents to use! I loved waking up and seeing John Taylor’s Facebook status: …sleep. Haha poor band has been running for all kinds of rehearsals last week. I hope they enjoy their bit a downtime.


Anyways the real reason for this post….Besides the fact that it is keeping me from working on my notes for a quiz I have in 2 hours, is that I under estimated someone who is completely capable to do anything they set their mind to. Have you ever done that? I feel like crap now, even though I haven’t told my sister to her face, but what I saw yesterday slapped me hard in the face.

I worked yesterday. Yup got up at 5:55am to be at work at 6:20am to serve ppl their breakfast until 1:45pm to get food, showered, dressed, packed, and leave by 3:30pm for a 3 hr drive back to state college, Pa for school. It was a little stressful. My sister, who also works at the diner with me, was not working but stopped in to see me. Now at this diner (I have been there for 7 years going on 8), there are people who are a little slow and should not be waiting tables because they cannot handle the stress or the craziness that comes with it.So after my sister quickly ate her food and offered a table to a handicapped lady and her caretaker, went and hung out in the back. Next thing I know she is pricing checks, helping run food, organizing orders, and so on. It was like she was RUNNING the place. Like she was the owner and just stopped in to see how things were going before a day of relaxation and fun. She was cool and relaxed and smiled through it all. And she did it all on a whim, using her own free will! I was so surprised because she usually complains about getting up early and going to work and all that jazz. But wow.

I realized that even though she did not get into the college of her choice, mine!, she will be a great asset to which ever one she goes to. She may not have the best grades, but she is a hard worker and very self motivated. She encourages others and is just a generally happy person, when she wants to be, and loves people. No matter what field she goes into after college, she will make something great of herself. She is not as reserved as I am, she is amazing. I think she would make a great small business owner, but alas, she wants to be a nurse….which is great too! I guess I just never realized how completely awesome my little sister is….and hey if you are reading this….I LOVE YOU! so very very much! You inspire me!

And now off to study for that quiz! Full moon tonight! Make sure you go check it out!!


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