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Birthday Wishes February 7, 2009

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I am home this weekend. I turn 22 in a few days. Officially old. However, I am thankful for being home because i am able to hang out with people who I love very much. Not that I don’t love my school friends, but my home friends aka my family are great! 

Today I hung out with my Magical BFF. We can talk for hours! He’s the bestest! That was a great gift. He knows I don’t like gifts. I LOVE giving them, but I never ask for anything in return. If you insist, then maybe I can accept that, but just spending time with people and especially my bff, it’s well magical. Time is precious. Spending it with those that matters is amazing!

Tomorrow I get to see my entire familY! I’m super excited! I love them all! We are celebrating two february birthdays! I’m soooooo excited! 

Sunday I just work and then head up to school again. 

There is just something great about being home! It’s so different then school and the routine I have up there. Especially since I am not doing anything this semester. School is keeping me in the blues, but I have my writing and my newest interest in Photography to keep me occupied. Hopefully things will be great! 


So this is where I sit. Ready to turn old. Growing up. Wow, it’s strange to be an adult for realz.


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