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Strong ARms December 12, 2008

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You know when you are sick and you just want to be at home in bed all warm and snug? Or how you might want your mom there to take care of you? Sure I crave that but the thing I crave the most when I am sick is a pair of strong arms. Not so they can lift me or carry me around. No. I just want strong arms to hold me. To make me feel safe, to know everything is alright. I get this fear sometimes that I will get to sick to function. I know it’s not true, at least for now. But I get that fear and I just want to be comforted. I’m far away from home right now and I am sick. I wish I had those strong arms. 

I am reading Twilight and I am very caught up in it. More so than I should be. You see, Edward is pretty much how I pictured Mr. Right. How I still see Mr. Right everytime I close my eyes. Not the vampire, but the cautious, curious, longing filled man who wants so badly to be with the one girl he is not supposed to want, to have. Yet somehow, we manage. The relationship is beautiful. Fascinating. Breathtaking. 

When it happens it will be more than I dreamed. I just am starting to lose hope. Afraid I will settle for less. I’m just afraid.


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