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Team Work September 21, 2008

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sThe other window of my car

The other window of my car

We all know that my favorite boys have a HUGE team behind them that they know and love with all their hearts. Afterall, without them, they would never have become as big as they are today.


Well a few months ago I finally joined Team Jonas as a street team member. How do I support the boys?

I have this blog. I also have a facebook group for South Eastern Pa Fans. I buy their music and some of their memorabilia. I also ADVERTISE. Yup, free advertisement for the boys. This is how I advertise:


My car window August 12th - 29th

My car window August 12th - 29th


I will support my Favorite boys to no end. Currently I am planning to write something else Jonas on my car, but I’m not sure the exact slogan yet.  All the support they can get is great! They deserve to be number one in all they do.


Keep a look out for the Crazy Jonas Car!


One Response to “Team Work”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    that’s cutee!
    i can’t drive yet.. but when i get a car next year maybe i’ll do something like that too like for their next Cd or something!! =]
    good idea!

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