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State College Take Over September 3, 2008


Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers

My Favorite Boys took over State College last night and I wasn’t there to see them! I heard it was an amazing concert that was full of fun and some PSU Spirit. Band Member John Taylor, a State College native *boalsburg really* was of course on the scene. John sported a NIttany Lion hat for most of the night which was looking pretty sweet *I saw some pics*  Also, Joe and Frank the Tank Jonas sported PSU jerseys and tap danced during Love Bug *saw a vid*. I MISSED IT ALLLLLLLL *tear*

Anyways Just letting you know that the boys were there and that i missed them. I wish I was home for that though because I would have loved to see them!! I would totally buy them breakfast at the Waffle Shop!!


Boys next time you go to STate College, I’ll buy you and the band and the fam breakfast at the Waffle Shop!!!


2 Responses to “State College Take Over”

  1. dr.hanu Says:

    i wasn’t their either but i totally wished i cud’ve been ~sigh~

    i mean seeing them tap dance in PSU jerseys woud’ve looked soooooo cute =P

  2. jesslong3 Says:

    My sister went to that concert and she said that it was amazing. She loves them but not as much as you do, by the sound of things.

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