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My First Living The Dream Post August 9, 2008

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Every Friday at 7:55pm Disney premiers a new episode of Living The Dream: a Jonas Brothers Documentary

TOnight I am relaxing after finishing my internship! I am trying to do my chores and make a scarf/belt for my Pirate costume for Sunday and Watch The Jonas: Live and Mobile MTV event when I stopped my world to watch this weeks LIVING THE DREAM!

And I cried.


Nick Singing A Little Bit Longer

Nick Singing A Little Bit Longer

This weeks episode was about Nick’s Diabetes. Now I have been following Nick closely because i am quite familiar with the disease. My dad has Type I and so does my aunt. My dad has had a lot of attacks and it can get really scary. I can relate on some level with Nick because I have a type of Asthma that is offset internally and externally (allergies). I’ve had my run hooked up to hospital machines. Nick has inspired me to educate others about asthma and I am creating a website and I hope to speak out about it some day. While I don’t have the “star” power NIck does, I can still be an advocate! I have no one to look up to. As far as I know, I’m the only one of my friends *besides my brother* who has asthma. It can be hard.

Anyways so the Brothers got raw with us about NIck and his condition and I guess it just hit home. There’s a part in the segment where Nick is talking to two really young kids who have pumps and I got really emotional. My dad now has a pump. Anyways, Nick kneeled down to this little girl and said “I’m here for you. Everything is going to be alright” and he grasped her hand. I was like awwwwwww.


Anyways it will be on again so make sure you catch it. In the meantime…catch the Boys on MTV Buzzworthy Blog and…




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