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Reasons Why and A Wish August 6, 2008

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So many of you are probably wondering why I like the Jonas Brothers. I mean, I am 21 years old and almost a college graduate shouldn’t I be diggin J MAc or something? Well I’m not really into that kind of music anyway so no. The Jonas Brothers are more than great musicians they are guys with great hearts. Here are a few reasons I love them…

1. They Are normal Kids

2. They are sweet as anything

3. They give back!!!! Check out Changeforthechildren

4. They are positive!

5. They love their fans

6. They are family oriented

7. They are true to their real friends (Mandy is a song about an actual friend! and my friend knows her!)

8. They write what they feel

9. They are fun

10. They Make things happen *they rearranged their whole schedules to be on the Ryan Seacrest radio show*

So that’s why I love the guys. They are just great people! I listened to the Ryan Seacrest interview and it was just sweet. Kevin likes country music and Brad Paisley. Finding out all these random things makes me think that if Kevin and I ever knew each other before he became famous, we would be best friends haha. We seriously have so much in common.

One of the things I wish for is to actually get a chance to meet the Jonas Brothers and maybe sit down with them just to talk. I don’t want to know about their love lives or whatever, I just want to know about them. Their likes, dislikes, their music, inspiration, and their family. They seem like fun guys. I know that one day I might the chance to meet them and maybe take a picture, maybe get an autograph with them. But I would just love to listen to them talk about anything. They themselves are so inspiring. I have a friend who actually knows the brothers personally. She was part of the original 5 fans that used to go to all the shows. She is the one who knows the Mandy of “Mandy”. She would probably be able to get me a meet and greet if I asked her. I am not like that though, and I will leave it up to luck or fate or what have you. 


Jonas Brothers, if you see this and are interested in coffee and chatting, just contact me. 🙂


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