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Oh Jonas! July 26, 2008

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The Jonas Brothers are playing Hershey right now. My cousin got to go. I wasn’t jealous at first. I love the Jo Bros more so because of how they are presenting themselves then because they  are cute and amazing. I like Kevin, he has a personality like me and Joe and Nick are cute. Frankie, well who wouldn’t love that kid?


So she calls me from the concert during the song Gotta Find You, Joe’s single from Camp Rock, and of course it goes into This Is Me with Demi Lovato *she’s touring with them*. I was a little jealous. I can only imagine the stunts they are pulling on the Burning Up Tour.


I wrote to them and sent my letters 3 separate letters to a contact at Hershey who said she would make sure they get it. Team Jonas, Mr. and mrs. Jonas, and the Jonas Brothers each got a letter. I basically what I write to the broadway stars I write to. Of course, each is specific to that person. Basically, I write telling them how much I appreciate what they do and the impact they have on people like me. I also tried to pull specifics for each brother. They really are an inspiration, the whole team. I just want to meet them because they seem like such fun guys! Love it! I don’t know if they got my letter. Maybe it was the only letter they got when they arrived. Who knows. I’m hoping they did though.


So I’m sitting by my phone waiting for my cousin to call me back during S.O.S, one of my favorite Jonas Brothers songs. 

Oh and for the record: Kevin Jonas is my favorite!


3 Responses to “Oh Jonas!”

  1. joe Says:

    I think Joe is better then Nick any day.

    I’m sorry you had to miss out on seeing the Jonas Brothers 😦

  2. a girl/ fan Says:

    i like nick the best me and my friends worked out we would have one each it was quite funny we all wanted joe but then they wanted nick and kevin its fun to be in the middle of

    im listening to the jonas brothers cd at the minute it ROCKS!!!!

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