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Faith+Trust+Pixie Dust= Dreams Coming True June 5, 2008

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So I am considering making this my Disney Blog. I mean I have a blog in which I spill about whatever I feel like it, but I would like to have a special Blog for my experience in Disney. 

This Spring I put a lot of Faith and Trust into the fact that going on this College Program in Disney would be what is best for me. I am an avid Disney fan and so I figured this could work. Maybe I will get a job after the program with the company. I could work for ABC, ESPN, the Disney Channel, ABC Family, and more. I could work in the park and make magic happen every day. When I got accepted I was thrilled and now I have to wait until August to begin my Disney Adventure.

There is something fascinating about dreams coming true. Not just our personal dreams, but other’s dreams. Do we not side for the ones with big dreams when we watch American Idol? Do we not hope for dreams of a better home when we see Extreme Home Make Over? Do we not cry when we hear how people’s dreams have come true? Something so small could mean something so big.

I have been so concerned with making dreams come true. Since it is hard for me to do being only 21, I strive to do the next best thing; make people smile. I love making people smile and I love entertaining. I think that in doing this, it encourages people to be happier and forget their troubles. It’s like Whistling While You Work. 

I am honored to be able to help people’s dreams come true at Disney. I hope that I can continue doing so when I get back from Disney. I hope that I can make people smile and forget their troubles and worries for a little bit longer and remember that Life is meant to be enjoyed.


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